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Meet Your Coaching Out of the Box® Team!

Pablo Leites


Pablo is in charge of supporting the entire Coaching Out of the Box® team to ensure students, and corporate clients are all being serviced to the best of our standards.  You may find Pablo being pulled last minute into the Peer to Peer Coaching to help students get their Coaching Hours!

Merv Rogers, MCC

Chief Coaching Officer

Merv Rogers, MCC is our Chief Coaching Officer and not only brings his passion for people but his love of coaching. You might find Merv as your substitute coach facilitator during one of our programs. Merv oversees our coach facilitator faculty and currently facilitates some of our corporate deliveries. Merv has been instrumental in course development and brings his rich knowledge and skills to many of our programs. In 2022, Merv marked 12,863 hours of coaching! Merv, you are our rockstar!

Lerae Gidyk, MCC

Director of Certification

A pioneer in the coaching profession since 1999, Lerae Gidyk, MCC is the Director of Certification at Coaching Out of the Box®. Lerae’s work in the coaching industry is inspired by a mission to support coaches to be successful and support the growth of the coaching industry while creating positive sustainable change in the world one conversation at a time.

Stefanie Eastcott

Operations Manager

Stefanie is the driving force behind the seamless operation of Coaching Out of the Box® on a day-to-day basis. Her responsibilities span from managing course administration and scheduling to overseeing marketing efforts and everything in between. As our in-house tech guru, Stefanie takes pride in ensuring customer satisfaction is at its peak. Despite her impressive capabilities, Stefanie leads a team that works together harmoniously to ensure all aspects of the company function smoothly each day.

Hallie Clancy

Student Support Coordinator

Hallie provides unwavering support to our students throughout their journey with Coaching Out of the Box® and beyond. From the moment they register and join our program, Hallie is there to assist them with any inquiries they may have, whether it's related to classes, schedule adjustments, or even after graduation when they're pursuing their ICF credential. Acting as our dedicated student liaison, Hallie ensures that our students experience a seamless transition into the program and can effectively integrate their learning and coaching into their daily lives. This commitment lies at the core of Hallie's motivation.

Lucy Avina

Operations Assistant

Lucy is a valuable member of our operations team, providing essential administrative support. Her contributions are invaluable to the smooth functioning of our operations. As a native Spanish speaker, she plays a crucial role in offering Spanish support to our team. Additionally, Lucy's proficiency in graphics allows her to provide valuable assistance to our social and marketing team.

Meet Our Coach Faculty


A coach since 2004, Ann partners with talented executives and people in transition who are dissatisfied with their current level of success and are looking for “something more.” Her practice includes clients from a wide variety of backgrounds at all levels of professional seniority and has a designed focus on increasing personal development, managing career development, and honing leadership skills. All three areas arise as part of one’s professional capacity and she believes a cohesive approach works best to ensure her clients are best equipped to assess and make choices that will be of most benefit. “Ann doesn't just listen to the words you say but also listens for the feelings and energy behind them. In doing so she can ask thought-provoking questions, offer insight, and give observations that support you in creating new awareness and ultimately options for positive change.”


Carolyn Hamilton-Kuby brings her vibrant spirit, authenticity, and professionalism as a highly engaging public speaker and a naturally gifted coach. She has been a member of the World Business Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) Coach Facilitator Team since 2018 and, in January 2019, was recognized as a WBECS Top Facilitator. In 2020, Carolyn was chosen as a WBECS speaker, presenting in the venue with industry icons of the global coach community. Carolyn's passion for professional coach development shines through in all she does -- whether facilitating, mentor coaching, or writing articles!


Cathy is a Certified Executive and Diversity Coach.  She holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation and is certified as a Mentor Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

With over 30 years of public sector leadership experience and 15 years of Executive Coaching experience, Cathy believes that the leadership tool and skills of coaching can empower leaders at all levels to better equip themselves and the people in their lives. In life as a mother, wife, and in her coaching practice she strives to help people see that being human means being different and that our differences are good. Our differences are where our individual strengths and gifts are found. In her role as a Mentor Coach, she works with other coaches to encourage, build confidence and educate and develop their coaching competencies. Her intention as a coach is to support and champion those she works with, to help them talk about what is challenging for them, and to partner with them to find their own best solutions to what situations they face.


Debbie Crouse is the founder of Danest Enterprises, is a PCC certified coach, a seasoned speaker, dynamic training facilitator, and professional mentor coach. Her approach to both business and life is deliberately strategic yet simple. Recognized by those familiar with her, Debbie coaches in alignment with her lifestyle—marked by curiosity, courage, and compassion in how she lives, works, and plays. Dedicated to assisting individuals in overcoming self-imposed obstacles, her passion lies in helping them flourish into competent, respected, and joyful superstars who approach each day with enthusiasm.


Coach Jen is a Master Certified Coach and Professional Mentor Coach who has trained thousands of coaches over the last 25 years in the skills and the art of personal and professional coaching.

Jen founded her own business, Generous Success Inc., in order to provide career development, as well as personal and professional development coaching services. She is the author of “Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom: How to turn what makes you unique into a meaningful and lucrative career.” She is also the creator of a highly successful coaching program, “Career Epiphany: 8 Weeks to a crystal clear career direction.”

Jen believes that coaching has the power to change the trajectory of the world to one of positivity, compassion, and hope. She is passionate about guiding new coaches to help make that happen.


Joanne achieved her PCC credential with the ICF in 2020 and has been coaching full-time since 2017. Through her business Original HMSV Coaching, Joanne offers Personal Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Mentor Coaching, a variety of assessment tools as well as various Leadership and Personal development programs.

A passionate life-long learner, Joanne is also a Coach Educator and Mentor Coach, delivering ICF-approved coaching skills and training programs to leaders wanting to learn a “Coach Approach”, as well as to individuals working towards achieving their ICF credentials. (ACC or PCC) This keeps her close to the cutting edge of the coaching industry itself and feeds her enthusiasm for ongoing learning in a field she loves.


Joseph “Joe” Simmons is a leadership coach and training consultant specializing in healthcare communication, Motivational Interviewing, career development, artistic pathways, and wellness. He draws on extensive combined experience in adult and higher education, health systems, and the arts, to offer a facilitation style that adapts to culturally diverse audiences and fosters dynamic discussion.

In addition to a private coaching practice, Joe trains a range of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, behavioral health specialists, senior leaders, and others, in using coaching skills to improve clinical outcomes by building trust and collaboration with patients and teams. He has facilitated a broad range of trainings in English and Spanish for leading health systems, including New York-Presbyterian, Mount Sinai, and Northwell Health, patient-centered medical homes, long-term care facilities, and community-based organizations.


As a leadership expert, facilitator, and coach, Leah strongly believes in the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. Before Leah’s career path landed her in the field of leadership development and coaching, she was privileged to serve extensively within health care in various leadership roles.

Currently, Leah is the President and Co-Founder of TallTrees Leadership®. She focuses on working with healthcare leaders and teams of all experience levels, supporting greater success and authenticity in leadership. She is known for a fusion of real-world experience, education, and an encouraging, yet purposeful approach. Additionally, she produces and hosts a podcast "Central Line: Leadership in Healthcare" which is the ultimate resource for emerging and current leaders in healthcare.


Lerae is a Master Certified Coach who has been coaching the realms of personal, leadership, and mentor coaching since 1999.

Dedicated to helping people create meaning in their organizations and in their lives, resulting in increased motivation, deeper commitment, and great engagement. Lerae is known for challenging her clients to explore unchartered territory within themselves. Lerae’s powerful intuition, blended with experience in coaching, coach training, and ability to shift perspective allows others to change their minds about how they lead and live allowing them to unearth incredible potential as a result.

Owner of Soul Designs Coaching International.

Marc Bowles, MCC

Marc works at the intersection of leadership, conversations, and education. Marc spends every day thinking about how we can use conversations to create leaders that are more engaging, people-centered, and inspiring. Marc has been recognized and acknowledged for his innovative approaches to connecting people and organizations to the purpose of their work. 

Marc has an insatiable curiosity, an entrepreneurial and learning mindset, and an ability to see the possibilities through the connection of ideas, people, and conversation. His creative spirit and global experiences bring fresh ideas which help to shake up our relevance and life! 

Miriam Cheuk, MCC

Miriam has been a Professional Coach since 2007 and is the founder of Empowerment Coaching MC LLC.  She maintains the Master Certified Coach (MCC) Certification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with a specialization in Leadership, Executive, and Life Coaching. She works as an internal and external coach in many different industries including banking, Information Technology, start-ups, and large corporations. She is also an experienced trainer for topics like coaching, mindset, teamwork, cross-cultural communication, positive intelligence, and leadership. 

Miriam is a Mentor Coach and enjoys supporting others in becoming the coaches they desire to be in alignment with ICF coaching competencies. Miriam coaches with laser focus and great depth, bringing her warm style of strong support and commitment to helping the client move forward! Miriam absolutely loves her work and the transformation it brings!

Nicole Beauregard, MCC

Nicole is a Master Certified Coach, mentor coach, facilitator, and educator with over 25 years of leadership experience in the corporate and public sectors. She works with executives and leaders throughout North America primarily in the healthcare, engineering, and tech industries.

She coaches individuals and teams and mentors coaches helping them to create the best impact in their fields. Nicole holds an MSc from Kings College, London, and is a PhD candidate.


Patricia (Patti) Anne Lee founded P.A.L. Coaching & Consulting to make a difference in diversity and inclusion: helping women and marginalized individuals find their courage and voice, and companies to find the right path forward. The goal: to unleash the potential of all to ensure the fulfillment of personal and professional goals.

Her commitment comes from long service as a leader and mentor. Known for “getting it done, with thoughtfulness”, she has led hundreds of projects teams, groups, executives, and companies in reaching their goals. A blend of expertise, curiosity, detail orientation, data consumption, strategy alignment, and seeing what others cannot, enables her to develop and execute plans, with follow-up and measurement.


In addition to being a mom, partner, daughter, and soul tribe member, Rosa has spent the last decade coaching public service/healthcare leaders and business owners to own their magic and crush their goals.  She is also a coach’s coach – educating and mentoring aspiring coaches to develop and hone their own skills and practice.  

Rosa is also a believer and (encourager) of magic - the magic that lives (sometimes hidden) in each of us, the magic that happens when we step into our personal power, the magic that happens when we share ourselves, our dreams, our secret sauce, our whole, authentic selves with others.


Sheeba is a seasoned Strategic Partner specializing in talent development, with two decades of experience. She's earned recognition as a Top Leadership Trainer and is a mentor to professional coaches. Her expertise empowers leaders and teams to excel by instilling confidence, clarity, and ease in navigating transitions and modern workforce challenges.

She works with diverse clients, including Emerging Leaders, Managers, Senior Directors, Vice Presidents, CEO’s and Partners across various industries globally. Over the years, she's conducted virtual and in-person training sessions on topics like feedback, emotional intelligence, delegation,  coach approach, and conflict resolution to name a few. She's also authored a book titled "Confidence, Clarity & Ease: A Guide for Emerging Leaders to Thrive."

Sheeba holds certifications as a Professional Certified Coach and a Certified Mentor Coach from the International Coaching Federation. She's been a member of the Forbes Coaches Council since 2018 and was honored with the Top Leadership Trainer Award in 2020 by the International Association for Top Professionals.


As a coach the core values Sinive brings to her coaching practice are connection, authenticity, and courage. She coaches with both backbone and heart. That means she’s not afraid of having the hard conversations.  She will both support you and hold you accountable throughout the coaching process to help you reach your goals.

Sinive is passionate about coaching leaders to reach their full potential. Sinive has expertise in coaching and consulting in the fields of learning and development, workforce development and engagement, and organizational development. She has over seventeen years of experience in the public sector both abroad in New Zealand and here in Alberta. 


In her 20+ year career, Susan has coaching and consulting experience in Human Resources, Talent Management, Engagement, Learning and Development, Small to Mid-Market Entrepreneurship, Productivity, Mindfulness, and Wellness. 

She is an alumnus of Wilfrid Laurier University and a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree graduate student. Additionally, Susan is a member in good standing with the International Coach Federation and holds certifications as a professional certified coach (PCC) and as a Vedic Educator, certified to teach Ayurveda, Meditation, and Yoga from the Chopra Center for Well-being in California. She is an internationally accredited advanced assessment practitioner and evidence-based coach. She also holds the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist Designation.

Additionally, she is a Certified Diversity Coach, a Certified Virtual Presenter, and a certified member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). Susan is active in her community as a volunteer in arts, education, and women in business, and an active member of the BEP Speakers’ Bureau in Waterloo Region.  

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