Intro to Coaching for Leadership Success

For Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs

This course is for individuals who are looking for skills to help strengthen workplace relationships, connections, and productivity.

Coaching skills give you the tools to connect and communicate with peers, teams, and management in a supportive and encouraging manner.

Developing better leadership skills can help your company grow.

Requirements: No prior coaching knowledge or certification required.

Leaders with coaching skills empower teams by increasing motivation and engagement. Team members take ownership and initiative and boost creativity and innovation resulting in improved team alignment.

When there is a lack of effective communication and connection, it can lead to confusion, an unpredictable and toxic work environment, decreased productivity, and low morale.

Intro to coaching for leadership success Series

An introduction to coaching skills.

Intro to Coaching for Leadership Success - Level 1

Intro to coaching for leadership success - Introductory Level 1

This introductory half-day In-Person or Live Online Course begins with an overview of our 5-Step Conversation principles and processes, It ends with a live coaching session demonstrations so that you not only learn the theory but see the implementation of what you have learned.

You will walk away with not only newly gained confidence in communicating effectively with your teams but also a clear path to empowering them.  

“A team is only as strong as its weakest link.” Mark Grey

Intro to Coaching for Leadership Success - Level 2

Intro to coaching for leadership success - Intermediate Level 2

This full-day In-Person or Live Online learning course is an intermediate-level course in our Coach-Approach to Effective Leadership Series. This intermediate course is designed to delve deeper into the 5-Step Conversation Process.

In this course, you will learn the intricacies of listening, questioning, encouragement, and planning so that as you construct and conduct effective communication exchanges. You will learn the art of increasing effectiveness and accountability through impactful and powerful questioning. Having already learned the theory behind the 5-Step Conversation Process, you will participate in the practicum of these powerful and effective foundational coaching skills. 

Coach Approach to Leadership with Purposeful Conversations

Coach Approach to Leadership with Purposeful Conversations

Our Purposeful Conversations© Training Program, designed by experienced corporate coaches, offers invaluable skills applicable across all corporate levels. Recognizing that leadership, talent development, and effective communication are dynamic and unstandardized processes, this program focuses on the art of purposeful conversations. 

It empowers leaders, managers, and influencers to enhance their management and coaching styles, fostering more potent communication and connection, not just with employees but also with customers, fellow leaders, and potential clients. 

Key skills covered include a five-step coaching process, core leadership skills, fundamental behaviors, and feedback techniques. Participants will shift from talking to active listening, from erecting walls to building trust, and from dictating to asking powerful questions. The ultimate goal is to make even the toughest conversations more manageable, driving business growth and personal development

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