Victoria became an executive coach to empower leaders and organizations to become truly effective and functional in today’s highly competitive environment. She worked in organizations from small start-ups to large financial institutions and regardless of the size, knew that the leadership could be stronger, creating more innovative, energized, fun organizations that really delivered.

Victoria believes that executive coaching is highly effective in transforming organization through more direct communication, improved alignment to the business strategy and encouraging empowering conversations. Victoria has coached several organizations and the results are impressive, beyond their initial expectations of what was possible. These results however are consistent with industry findings on the impact of executive coaching.
Victoria’s presence is calm, strong and intelligent. Her knowledge of business acumen enables her to ask powerful and impactful questions. Victoria is committed to her client’s growth and success. Her lighthearted humor and infectious laugh enables clients to be relaxed and open while addressing challenging issues.
Victoria has owned and managed her own consulting business for over 25 years, specializing in Information Technology leadership, project management, systems design and architecture. She has worked at the executive level and participated in several executive boards. Victoria was also instrumental in established a not-for-profit, charitable organization; mentoring pre-teen kids to achieve their fullest potential. She holds a graduate level certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University and B. Math from the University of Waterloo.

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