Evonne Dolphin

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 250.769.7821
Email: edolphin@shaw.ca

Evonne is passionate and committed to achieving coaching excellence with each client.  Her coaching philosophy is one of partnership and includes mutual learning, appreciative inquiry and empowerment for high performance. The focus of her coaching practice is leadership development, change management and team effectiveness.  She is a seasoned coach, facilitator and trainer with experience in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Evonne brings extensive business experience to her coaching including IS/IT, strategic and business planning, finance and operations.  During her career she has become an expert change agent managing highly effective teams for organizational success.  High-performance organizations are characterized by authentic leaders who care about the quality of organizational life and committed to high performance goals.  Such leaders are highly collaborative, have a deep sense of purpose and remain true to their core values.  Coaching is a collaborative, trust-based relationship capable of identifying and unlocking your path for even greater levels of success.

Evonne is committed to lifelong learning and stays abreast of current perspectives and trends to support and assist organizational success.  She is currently completing her MA Leadership at Royal Roads University.  Her organization leadership project is an action research project aimed at discovering how to foster employee engagement of knowledge workers.  She works with individuals, teams and organizations as an organization development and change consultant and coach.

Evonne is a committed to coaching as a profession and is a volunteer member of the ICF’s Global Accreditation and Certification workgroup.  She is an Associate Coach for Queens’s University’s, Executive Leadership and Development Program, an Associate Coach at Vancouver General Hospital, Surgical Residents Coaching Program, as well as an Associate Coach at UBC and Royal Roads University.