Jake McArthur

“Coaching is such a brilliant, disciplined and elegant process for supporting consistent and sustainable development of leadership, management and personal potential.”

Jake’s passion for coaching is based on his natural life-long interest in the development of human potential. Reflecting on his career and his experience as an executive he only wishes that this kind of process had been available to him to support his and his organizations development. A natural leader and a seasoned manager, Jake has a particular interest in helping clients determine how they can authentically and effectively work with, lead and manage others.

With over a decade of formal coaching experience, he has coached business owners, CEOs, senior executives and middle managers in a wide variety of business sectors. He reflects a natural curiosity, deep empathy, focused listening, ability to challenge and quiet wisdom in creating a safe space for clients to grow and transform in the areas that matter to them.

Jake was president of several retail organizations in Canada, including LensCrafters, Granada TV and Sketchley Cleaners. For over 20 years he led the growth of those organizations to dominant market share positions in their respective markets. Earlier he spent time in commercial and merchant banking and gained international experience with the Bata Shoe Organization.

In 2000, Jake developed Cairncrest Leadership Coaching, focused on coaching executives and facilitating leadership development via a program he created, Leadership as a Way of Being.

He has a BA and MBA from the University of Toronto and a Doctor of Ministry from Wisdom University in California. He is a graduate of Coach U where he received his initial coach training.

Jake has created and facilitates Leadership Development for Students, designed to create a leadership mindset in students in elementary and secondary schools. He volunteers with hospice and the ALZ Society, writes poetry, facilitates a number of different workshops and lives in rural Caledon Ontario on a property he has been reforesting.