Rommel Catalan

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 604-889-7232

Rommel has been in the challenging field of Forensic Psychiatry going on 25 years and has specialized as a psychiatric nurse in varied positions within BC. His diverse experience in the field has ranged from hospital, to community - in both urban (Downtown Eastside) and rural (northern) areas, court services, and as a Quality Manager. The exposure to Coaching began in 2007 when he began integrating quality initiatives within BC Mental Health and Addictions and assisted in the facilitation of the Leaders Supported Learning Program for formal and informal leaders using a Coaching format. He was provided a Coach who assisted in his leadership development and thus spawned his understanding of the need for a coach for those in leadership roles.


Rommel brings the communication skills that are the cornerstone of a psychiatric nurse to enhance his skills as a Coach. He brings a commitment to a leader’s development and personal growth with an authentic desire to making a difference in their lives. He is a licensed trainer for Coaching Out Of The Box, a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) from Royal Roads University and an ICF member. He empowers and challenges leaders to stretch and reach their potential to know one self and lead from within.


Rommel is a Senior Case Manager at a Forensic Psychiatric Clinic in BC, functions as an internal coach within PHSA and is also the Founder of Catalan Coaching. In his spare time, Rommel enjoys golfing, playing poker, dancing and is an avid martial artist.


Rommel naturally connects with people. He is an advocate for lifelong learning and his passion for coaching is demonstrated in his commitment to helping you reach your potential in life and in business.



“What helps people, helps businesses” ~ Leo Burnett