William Cudmore

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Phone: 306.782.2694
Phone: 306.621.1525

William (Bill) Cudmore is a professional and experienced leader working for more than 3 decades in the areas of human resources, management and organizational development. The majority of his career has focused on "PEOPLE" & their personal development, moral and increased productivity. This includes 5 years instructing in a business program at a post-secondary institution, where his research, development and delivery created a high level of appreciation for the importance of human resources.

He has chaired and facilitated various committees at both the executive and corporate levels. These leadership skills contributed to his success, as these initiatives committed him to lead diverse groups of stakeholders through complex organizational projects. His proven proficiencies have achieved short-term objectives, and created long-term sustainable growth for both organizations and their employees.

He has worked diligently to create “Positive Work Environments ” by consistently utilizing and coaching others in leadership skills. This dedication to human resource development has helped organizations adopt a “management style ” that reflects their commitment to employees, which resulted in increased retention, productivity and job satisfaction.

He has continued to educate himself in this area by completing cerfication/facilitation status in a number of programs such as: MBTI (Myers/Briggs Type Indicator), DISC-Personality Profile, Colours Spectrum, Conflict Resolution/Mediation, TKI (Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode), Process Improvement (Xerox Canada), Coaching Out of the Box (Licensed Trainer) and recently achieved CEC designation (Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching) from Royal Roads University. His interest in Executive Coaching stems from years of working with people and developing an appreciation that, the majority of people want success in their lives.

His company TPG Inc. (The People Group) is dedicated to personal and organizational growth by guiding members of an organization to envision their future, facilitate the development of the necessary procedures and review their business operation to achieve that future.