10 Important Actions of Leadership

Being a leader doesn’t come from a position or a title, but rather actions and examples. People choose to follow those they admire and respect. In order to gain a followership or lead a team, certain qualities, characteristics and actions need to be implemented. The following are 10 Important Actions to building leadership status:

  1. Put others first. Making others feel important will gain their trust and improve the relationship.
  2. Have a vision, set of values or common goal people can get behind. When others believe that the cause is worthwhile, they will be willing to get on board.
  3. Practice praise and gratitude. These are important to others, especially if they feel unimportant or unappreciated.
  4. Be there. Leadership takes commitment to be visible to the followers or team. If they don’t feel everyone, including the leader, is fully part of the team, the overall atmosphere suffers.
  5. Communicate effectively. Make conversations interactive and get the point across efficiently.
  6. Be decisive and lead by example. Be the person worth following and make the important decisions quickly and effectively.
  7. Delegate to competent team members. There is no one-man-show in a team. Take the tasks others might not want, but ensure those with the skills to be effective are being utilized.
  8. Practice respect. Respect is easier to give to people who already show it.
  9. Inspire and motivate. Focus on the positive aspects of each team member and motivate them to grow their skills and competencies.
  10. Keep momentum up. There may be times were morale is lower or goals are not being met in the timeframes set out. Every plan needs to be adaptable and it is up to the leader to ensure things stay on track.

The best leadership advice is to follow other leaders to see their example. Outside of this, the above actions are key to building a strong leadership presence and a loyal team or followership. The start of good leadership is caring about others and wanting to see everyone benefit from success. Even if leadership isn’t the goal, these actions can help improve relationships and build to success.

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