April 2016 Newsletter

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Moving Mountains!
Using a Coach Approach to Leadership - Now More Than Ever!

We’ve got an emergency going on! Government, healthcare, manufacturing, education, services or non-profit are being challenged to keep up with multiple ongoing changes while also paying attention to growth. Everyone is being asked to do more with less. Most of you have seen a host of new technology and rapidly changing systems that require your business environment to be agile, innovative, responsive and adaptable. There has been a tremendous shift from algorithmic work to heuristic work. In other words, the shift from routine, repetitive measurable work, to work that involves critical thinking, analysis and creativity. Approximately 70% of current job growth in North America is in heuristic work and it is only growing. The old carrot and stick approach worked well in the old algorithmic environment but researchers have found it can be devastating in a heuristic environment. What is more effective for this environment is competency in soft skills…enter coaching. 

Taking a Coach Approach to Leadership means mining the very best from others by partnering with them to discover their unique motivation system and strategizing with them to work in alignment with it. Taking a coach approach also means asking others to stretch beyond their comfort zones and leveraging their strengths in a variety of areas such as change, creativity, decision making, communication and even conflict. Having people work in alignment with their unique motivation system and stretching beyond what they would ask of themselves is imperative to creating an organizational culture that is agile, innovative, responsive and adaptable. Get going in bringing a coach approach to your leadership and your organization. We are here to help you. We've designed courses and tools just for you. How can you start? Check out the options below.
  • Join our next FREE Webinar on the topic of Using A Coach Approach to Leadership. Wednesday, April 20@11 a.m. Pacific time. We will be discussing this very compelling topic. Make sure you have an understanding of what this approach can do for your organization and your career. We will be giving you real tools and practical tips to help you transition to Using A Coach Approach to Leadership. Be sure to join us. Click Here to register.

Spring Courses Starting Soon.

Ready to jump in and and lead your team and organization to a higher level of performance? We are offering 4 of our most popular courses this Spring: Coaching Fundamentals™, Coach Knowledge Assessment, Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum and 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Train the Trainer Program™. Check out the details and see which one is right for you. Still not sure, get in touch. Click here to contact us or email info@CoachingOutoftheBox.com


Train the Trainer™

Classes start April 25th!

This program is designed to shift participants from coaches to coach educators. This program has proven to be effective for both independent training contractors and internal trainers and offers a robust toolkit useful to both. Click here to learn more.

Coaching Fundamentals
Coaching Fundamentals™

Classes start May 11th!

Learn the core coaching competencies taught to professional certified coaches throughout the world.

  • Gain Confidence
  • Increase Coaching Efficacy
  • Try Out New Coaching Skills
  • Gain Power in Asking vs Telling

Each class is 90 minutes and classes last for ten consecutive weeks. Click HERE to register today!

We would love to connect with you! Reach out to our team here or call Toll Free, 1-888-4A-COACH (1-888-422-6224). 
Is it time for you to become a more effective leader?

We've created a new webinar dedicated to the topic of Using A Coach Approach to Leadership. During this free 1 hour webinar you will learn what Using A Coach Approach to Leadership is and how this can benefit you, your team and your organization. We will be giving you tools and practical tips to implement this approach into your organization.

Join us for a FREE 1 hour webinar.

Date: Wednesday, April 20th
Time: 11am  Pacific time / 2pm Eastern time. 
Register Today
Change starts in your thougths
Coaching Skills Practicum
Our Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum course helps coaches refine their coaching skills by coaching others and hearing others coach in a virtual classroom overseen and critiqued by an ICF certified professional coach. Classes start April 26.  Click here to learn more and register.
Coach Knowledge Assessment
This program is for coaches who have received over 40 hours of coach training from any coach training program. This program is designed to prepare coaches for the International Coach Federation (ICF) certification application and Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) exam. Classes start in May.
Click Here and Register TODAY. Don't miss out!
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