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Here we are ready to wrap up 2016 and what a tremendous year it was for the advancement of coaching and for Coaching Out of the Box® (COTB). I want to take this opportunity to pause and reflect, for just a moment, on what 2016 has meant to me personally and to the extended COTB team.

Over this past year we continued to see and hear more and more about the positive impact coaching is having on individuals and organizations, literally around the world. This is tremendously gratifying as I reflect on our MISSION to see to it that EVERYONE has coaching skills. As I write this there have now been over 17,000 individuals in 38 countries who have participated in the 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Program™. When you include the number of participants across all our coaching skills development programs, that number is even higher! And while I am proud of these numbers, what is exciting and where my passion lies is in seeing the positive impact coaching skills and being coach like is having on individuals in both their professional and personal lives.

To that end, the team at COTB would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each one of you that we have had the opportunity to engage with over this past year whether it was in a course, a webinar, social media or in person. Coaching is about relationships and we truly value the relationship we have with you.

You should know that while 2017 is still a month away, we are already in full planning mode to bring you even more in the way of coaching skills training, support and resources. And we are not wasting a minute. Our Winter 2017 courses begin the first week of January. Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum starts on January 3 followed by Personal Groundwork for Coaching™ on January 4. If you are an experienced coach looking to add to your skills and toolkit one of these courses may be just what you are looking for.

Then in February, and back by popular demand, our Fast Track to ICF Certification gets underway on February 1. This program offers all courses needed to achieve the required 60 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours for ACC accreditation within just six months.

A sneak peek at our first webinar of the new year, scheduled for January 18, will cover one of our most popular topics and complement our Fast Track Course. The webinar topic is ICF Certification. If you are interested in this topic, mark your calendars. Full details and registration will be announced in our next newsletter.

We at COTB wish you a great end to 2016.


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To support your coach education and training and fulfill our MISSION to see that EVERYONE has coaching skills we are offering an amazing line-up of courses starting in the New Year. Whether you are a beginning coach, advanced or somewhere in between - we have a course to meet your needs. Take a look at our course offerings and take advantage of our Early Bird Discounts!



Coach Resource Corner

We provide many resources to support coaches at all levels. On our website, you can find blog articles, educational videos, webinar recordings and more under Coaching Resources. We are continually updating this section so check back often. In our latest update, we have added recordings of our last two webinars: Live Coaching Demos Part 1 and 2. If you missed the webinars or if you would like to review the information, recordings are available here.


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In keeping with this month's theme of End of Year Review, Recap and Reflection we thought it was the perfect time to mention the importance of goal setting. As we know, many New Year's resolutions are made and broken but a well thought out, achievable goal is important in setting you up for success. We wrote about goal setting in a previous blog article, and here is a bit of what we said:

If you look up the word "goal", you will find this definition: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. In order to get where one wants to go, they need to be able to define where that is. Do they want to be their own boss? Manage the company? Have a family? Own a house? No matter what it is they want to achieve, they have to be able to set up the path to get there - their goals. These goals help one focus on what it is they want and research shows links between goals and performance, especially in relation to business. Setting and achieving obtainable goals can lead to feelings of positivity and success, which builds confidence and can create further productivity.




If you have questions about coaching, certification, courses or more, we'd love to hear from you. Click here to schedule 1on1 time with Alison Hendren, CEO and Founder or fill out our contact form!




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