December 2020 Newsletter


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The Power of Coaching during a Pandemic

What if EVERYONE had coaching skills! Even after over 20 years of being in coaching I am still moved, humbled, and reminded of the power of coaching.

I want to draw your attention to a recent coaching demo that happened during the Live Coaching Sessions webinar held in November. This coaching demo is an example of not only outstanding coaching but also so relevant to this time we are all going through. As you watch the coaching unfold, I hope you, like me, will be reminded of the power, value, and impact of coaching, plus feel supported in your own coaching development.

Special thanks and acknowledgement go out to our wonderful willing and open coachee, Darlene, as well as to two of our excellent Coach-Facilitators, Sinive Seely, PCC, for the great display of coaching, and Rosa Edinga, PCC, for facilitating the debrief.

As we near the end of 2020, I am wishing you and yours a safe and healthy holiday season.


Alison Hendren
CEO and Founder


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Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program™

Challenge yourself to coach at a whole new level in an engaging and supportive environment. Gain confidence in your coaching abilities and observe a variety of coaching styles while actively participating in live coaching sessions. ~ starts January 4th

ICF Core Competency Hours: 20
SHRM PDC’s: 20 credits




Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum

Refine your coaching skills by coaching others and hearing others coach overseen and critiqued by a PCC or MCC level Coach. The environment fosters real-time learning for those doing the coaching and also for those who will be listening and providing feedback. ~ starts January 7th

ICF Core Competency Hours: 12
SHRM PDC’s: 12 credits


ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) Prep Class

Designed to prepare coaches who will be applying for an ICF Credential. As part of receiving an ICF Credential, coaches will be required to successfully complete the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment. ~ starts January 12th
ICF Core Competency Hours: 9
SHRM PDC’s: 9 credits




Fast Track to ICF Credential

A streamlined approach to the programs you will need to achieve the required 60 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours for ACC, Associate Certified Coach, accreditation plus all 10 hours of mentor coaching required for certification. Bundle and save with the Fast Track program. ~ starts January 19th

ICF Core Competency Hours: 68
SHRM PDC’s: 68 credits


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I am delighted to share this resource I have personally experienced with you - it could be a great fit at the start of 2021. Warmly, Alison

40 Day Meditation Practice with White Raven Collective

As coaches, our relationships with our clients are determined by our ability to be focused, grounded, and centered. Being able to manage our emotions and developing our own resilience allows us to coach from a place of neutrality and acceptance. Led by three professional ICF coaches of White Raven Collective, this unique and innovative meditation practice will strengthen your coaching muscle and enhance all relationships in your life. Live via Zoom, you are guided through a 30-minute practice of movement and meditation.

Gift yourself today! For more information contact us at

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