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Do Your Clients Hate Their Jobs? Link Up With Us, and more...

Do Your Clients Hate Their Jobs? 

A company is only as good as the talent and effort poured into it by people, right?

Well picture this: you wake up to an overflowing inbox, a scattered idea of five or six items you need to work on, and the disheartening sense that no one really values what you do anyway. That scenario is a reality for far too many people today.

Overwhelm and burnout are commonplace, technology like smartphones and email that keep us on a digital leash isn’t helping. Is this something your coaching clients are facing?

In a recent article in the New York Times, this trend of "hating work" and some of the surrounding implications were examined. One of the key findings were that employees are the most satisfied and productive when four of their core needs are met:

Some Key Findings: 

  • Employees who take a break every 90 minutes report a 30 percent higher level of focus than those who take no breaks or just one during the day. 
  • Only 20 percent of respondents said they were able to focus on one task at a time at work, but those who could were 50 percent more engaged. 
  • Employees have a deep desire for flexibility about where and when they work — and far higher engagement when they have more choice. 
  • THE simplest way for companies to take on this challenge is to begin with a basic question: “What would make our employees feel more energized, better taken care of, more focused and more inspired?”  

The bottom line is that finding creative ways to make the relationship a person has with their work more satisfying can go a long way in increasing life satisfaction, productivity and retention. What are your thoughts on how to address work satisfaction? We’d love to hear from you. Join the conversation on Facebook, LinkedIn, or send us an email at info@coachingoutofthebox.com. 

Want more? Check out our own Amy Ruppert’s recent interview in the Wall Street Journal on this topic. 


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