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Coaching in the Healthcare Setting: Success Stories & Lessons Learned

Last month we talked about how to bring coaching successfully to your organization. This month we continue our focus on organizations by looking at coaching in the healthcare setting. We’ll look at case studies to illustrate the approaches organizations are using to bring coaching in, how they are measuring results and the real-life impact that coaching is having on these healthcare organizations.


Why healthcare? Most organizations, including those involved in delivering healthcare, are changing at an ever-increasing rate. This rapid pace of change is creating a need for a new way to lead that will produce positive and sustainable change; a leadership approach that is adaptable to both internal and external change. At the same time, leaders and managers are under pressure to find cost effective training programs and to provide evidence, through objective measurement, of the results achieved. We think the success stories and lessons learned in healthcare can apply to organizations in any industry, providing real learning experiences for all.

We have worked with many healthcare organizations to help them create a coaching culture and in the process developed coaching skills in over 5,000 people to date. Following is a synopsis of what these organizations are teaching us about what it takes to bring coaching in successfully and the results that can be achieved.

Before you begin: setting your organization up for success

Before embarking on a coaching program, it is very important to make sure the organization is ready. As we mentioned last month, there are certain traits common among organizations that have successfully implemented a coaching program. Review the checklist below to make sure your organization is ready to bring coaching in;

  • The business need is clearly identified and coaching is a tool that is aligned with addressing those needs
  • Clearly defined goals and objectives for the coaching program have been identified and communicated
  • Coaching champions have been identified and are on-board
  • The training will be delivered in a format that is best suited for the organization, for example, on-site, remote or a blend
  • The program will have a framework that makes it easy to learn and easy to apply so that it can be consistently delivered with reproducible results.

Before you begin: know how you will measure results and determine success

Initiating a coaching skills development program involves the commitment of resources; both time and money. Just like any other organizational initiative, it is important to know upfront how results will be measured and how success of the program will be determined. While the actual measurement methodology may vary depending on the organization’s objectives and culture, it is important to have a clearly defined measurement plan in place. The results measurement plan should be documented, communicated and have stakeholder buy in before the coaching program begins.

Results achieved: the powerful and exciting part

The results that can be achieved when a coaching program is successfully implemented are so motivating and exciting to see. Individuals, teams and entire organizations are being transformed. Following is an example of results being achieved when coaching is successfully implemented.

  1. Improved Listening
  2. Improved Communication
  3. Improved Ability to Give Feedback
  4. Improved Conflict Resolution
  5. Positively Impacted Relationships
  6. Improvement in Team Dynamics & Team Communication
  7. Increased Ability to Engage Staff in Conversations that are Solutions-Focused and Promote Accountability

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Webinar - Coaching in the Healthcare Setting:
Success Stories & Lessons Learned

In this webinar, we will discuss several case studies of healthcare organizations and what these can teach us about bringing coaching successfully to any organization. We will look at what they did to bring coaching in successfully, how they measured the impact of the coaching program and the results achieved. Topics we will cover include;


  • Problems that were addressed by coaching
  • How they set their organization up for success
  • Approaches used to develop coaching skills
  • How they measured results
  • Results achieved
  • Plenty of time for Q and A

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Wednesday June 14, 2017

11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern


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Trickledown Effect: The Power of Coaching Skills

In addition to expected results, healthcare organizations are experiencing a powerful trickledown effect from their coaching skills development programs. These organizations found that participants began applying their newly developed coaching skills to interactions not only with co-workers but also with patients and their families, leading to better communication and care.

Want more insights, don’t forget to join our free webinar: Coaching in the Healthcare Setting: Success Stories & Lessons Learned


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