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Why Coaching is Catching On?

Using Coaching to Lead Special Virtual Delivery

Coach Resource Corner 

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Why Coaching is Catching On?


While I may be one of the most passionate advocates of coaching, I am not alone. The coaching industry is exploding (over 50,000 practitioners and $1 billion) as more and more people experience the power of coaching to transform individuals, teams and organizations.

The old ways of managing and leading are not effective in today’s environment. Everyday people are turning to coaching as a new way to lead and manage. And they are getting powerful results. Why do coaching skills work so well in this new environment? Here are a few of the key reasons.

  • Results. Organizations that have implemented a coaching culture are seeing results in improved employee engagement, communication effectiveness and improvements to the bottom line. 

  • The new work environment requires new leadership skills. There has been a tremendous shift from routine, repetitive measurable work, to work that involves critical thinking, analysis and creativity. The old carrot and stick approach to leadership no longer works and can even have devastating results in today's organization. 

  • Adaptability and sustainability. The new work environment requires a way to lead that will produce positive and sustainable results; a leadership approach that is continuously adaptable to internal and external change.

Are you looking for new ways to lead and manage? Do you feel stuck in your career? Team dynamics got you down? If you haven’t already joined the coaching movement I have a special offer. We are holding a special virtual Using Coaching to Lead™ class.

Using Coaching to Lead™ is a 2-part class that provides an overview and introduction to coaching. This is a hands-on class where you will learn what coaching is, how it is being used to transform the work environment and two coaching skills you can start utilizing immediately.

Find out what all the excitement is about and how you can benefit from the power of coaching. The class is offered as two 90-minute virtual sessions for a total of 3 hours of focused learning. We are offering this at a special introductory price of $29 – a $229 value. Spend just 3 hours to learn first-hand how coaching can help you take your career, team and organization to the next level.

Who should attend

The class is designed for those thinking of becoming a coach and those interested in bringing coaching to their organization. If you think coaching may be right for you and / or your organization but you still have questions or would like to learn more before making a bigger commitment, this class is for you.

What you will learn

Topics covered in this class include;

  • An exploration of what coaching is and is not
  • Definition of coaching
  • Understanding the distinction between mentoring, managing and coaching
  • The impact that coaching has on individuals, teams and organizations
  • Overview and live demonstration of two key coaching skills: Listening and Questioning
  • AND you will walk away with your action plan
  • Our Using Coaching to Lead™ Workbook will be provided to all participants electronically

If you are interested in becoming a better communicator, leader or manager, register for our Using Coaching to Lead™ class today.

Class Dates and Time

Wednesday, November 1

4 to 5:30 pm Pacific / 7 to 8:30 pm Eastern

Wednesday, November 8

4 to 5:30 pm Pacific / 7 to 8:30 pm Eastern




Coach Resource Corner

This month we are focusing on an introduction to coaching so we wanted to make sure you were aware of several resources available on this topic. If you haven’t already done so, check out our 365 Coaching Questions. Another resource you might find especially helpful is our webinar: Using a Coach Approach to Leadership.

Click here to watch the video.

We offer a number of other resources on a wide variety of topics to support coaches at all levels. On our website, you can find additional blog articles, educational videos, webinar recordings and more under Coaching Resources. We are continually updating this section so check back often.

See the full list of our coaching guides below.

  • Coaching Case Study
  • Making it as a Coach: Strategies for Success
  • Becoming a Coaching Educator
  • Determining the Impact of a Coaching Skills Development Program in the Healthcare Setting
  • Guide to Coach Certification
  • Personal Groundwork for Coaching Assessment


Did you know?

COTBx offers Immersive Coaching Skills Development Programs 
for Organizations

These programs, delivered specifically for your organization, are designed to accelerate learning and uptake. Programs are offered in on-site, virtual and blended formats. Contact us to learn more.



If you have questions about coaching, certification, courses or more, we'd love to hear from you. Click here to schedule 1:1 time with Alison Hendren, CEO and Founder, or fill out our contact form!



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