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Developing a new skill whether in sport, work or hobby can be both exhilarating and at times intimidating, especially when it takes us out of our comfort zone. We can watch the training videos, take the classes and practice, practice, practice but there comes a time when we need to take the plunge and put our new skill to work. But taking this plunge can cause anxiety and trepidation especially when the stakes are high – for example when it involves our career or important relationships.


So how do you move from training wheels to flying solo with your newly developed skill? As with many things the hardest part is often just getting started. We hear from both new and seasoned coaches that there is tremendous value in practice but at some point they must take a leap of faith in order to put their new coaching skills to work with real coachees. Taking this leap often means getting beyond the idea that they need to master coaching first and not being afraid to ‘mess up’.


We also hear that when coaches have the opportunity to see how others are coaching it can often lead to an aha moment. When observing others coach, they can see the skills used and start to really ‘get’ the power of coaching. They understand that coaching doesn’t have to be an hour long conversation. They see how being coach-like and developing the ability to respond and coach on-the-fly is golden. To support you in building your confidence and taking that leap boldly we’ve put together our next webinar where we will show you The 5/5/5 Coaching Skills™ live and in action. This will be a unique learning opportunity and a lot of fun in the process. 

Join us in this lively webinar to watch coaches in action and learn:

  • How coaching can happen in a short space of time and provide value
  • The different styles of coaching and the importance of being authentic
  • Commonly used coaching skills with tips and pointers on how to incorporate into your coaching

Each real demonstration will be followed by feedback and discussion to enhance the learning experience.


Be sure to join us in our next FREE webinar where you’ll see live coaching demos that will give you examples of how it can be done and help build your coaching skills and confidence.

  • The 5/5/5 Live in Five: Live Coaching Demonstrations Wednesday, October 26 @ 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern. Be sure to join us. Click here to register.  

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Take advantage of our upcoming courses starting in October. Our 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ starts October 4. Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program™ starts October 17. View the course details and see ~Link-20759~which one is right for you. Still not sure, get in touch. Click here to~Link-20759~ contact us or email info@CoachingOutoftheBox.com


If you have questions about coaching, certification, courses or more, we’d love to hear from you.

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Are you looking to boost your skills and confidence as a coach? Would you like to see real live coaching in action?
If you are new to coaching, maybe just a little out of practice or looking to add an advanced coaching skill to your toolkit, we are here to support you. We’ve created a unique learning experience for our next webinar. Using real coaches and real coaching situations we will show you the 5/5/5 Coaching Skills™ live and in action. This will not only be a unique learning opportunity but a lot of fun too.


Join us for this FREE 1 hour webinar.

Date: Wednesday, October 26
Time: 11 am  Pacific time / 2 pm Eastern time. 
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Coach Resource Corner – Coaching Videos

We provide a number of resources to support coaches at all levels. On our website you can find blog articles, educational videos, webinar recordings are more under Coaching Resources.

If you are interested in coaching demos, check out a short video in which a coach uses the Coaching Out of the Box® 5/5/5 model to help a Tech Company business lead work on her personal brand and increase her confidence to promote herself within the organization.


In this video you will see the coach use several key skills;

* Multidimensional listening

* Asking powerful questions

* Catalyzing bigger, bolder actions


View the video on our web page.

(Scroll to Coaching Demonstration: Take 5 Coaching – Contract Administrator)

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