September 2015 Newsletter

Gaining Competitive Advantage with Coaching Out of the Box®

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Competitive Advantage
Gaining Competitive Advantage with Coaching Out of the Box®

This month at Coaching Out of the Box® we have been discussing competitive advantage, those attributes that allow an organization to outperform its competitors. It sounds great to have something that sets you apart, but you may be curious how to gain your competitive advantage.

Competitive advantage results from matching a unique ability that you or your organization acquires or develops, and that cannot be easily imitated, to the opportunities available to you. These core competencies give you the advantage, by creating and delivering value to your customers in your chosen field.


So how does all of this apply to coaching? Whether you are coaching others, a leader of an organization, or an individual looking to further your career, having the core competencies of coaching will give you a perspective by which to look at everything!


The core competencies of coaching include:


     A. Setting the Foundation
     B. Co-creating the Relationship
     C. Communicating Effectively 
     D. Facilitating Learning and Results


     (For the full list click here)

Coaching Out of the Box® offers many virtual courses or customized organization training's that will help you gain these core competencies and the competitive advantage you are looking for! Our courses also provide Approved Coach Specific Training Hours that you can apply toward your ICF Associate Certified Coach certification.


Our great fall programs, including our 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ and Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program™, are about to begin. For a full list of courses visit our events calendar. We also have some amazing discounts for our program listed in the sidebar.


The biggest competitive advantage that you can invest in are those that work with you, for you, and YOURSELF. At Coaching Out of the Box® that is exactly what we help you do. 

Such a fantastic event in Boston!
We were so excited to participate in the 8th Annual Coaching in Leadership Healthcare conference offered by Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School and McLean hospital. A BIG thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth or sat in on our presentation. 

We would love to connect with you! Reach out to our team here or call Toll Free, 1-888-4A-COACH (1-888-422-6224). 

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