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Rapid Change
Coaching for Sustainable Change

Change. It seems that now, more than ever, the saying “change is the only thing that is constant” is ringing true for just about everyone. Organizations, the workforce, the type of work being done and the methods used to get work done are all changing at an ever increasing rate. In this environment what is needed is a way to lead that will produce positive and sustainable change; a leadership approach that is adaptable to internal and external change.


We believe that when coaching is an integral part of leadership, where the coachee is supported in deeper discovery and new awareness, is exactly what is needed for sustainable change. Why? Because this method involves a continuum of conversations and interactions between coach and coachee that are specifically designed to help the individual tap into his/her own internal resources and potential to find practical strategies and solutions to specific challenges. The coachee is uncovering his/her potential to achieve peak performance.


This is why we, at Coaching Out of the Box®, put an emphasis not only on the skills and steps used in coaching but on the fundamental principles and tools necessary to support the coachee’s in their discovery and awareness process. Over and over again we are told by participants in our coaching programs how profoundly their lives have been impacted.

In order to create sustainable change you need know how to:

  • Get to the root source
  • Bring awareness to areas a coachee may be blind to seeing
  • Identify resistance to change – what to listen for and questions to ask
  • Coach someone who is playing a role that no longer serves them
  • Identify what your coachee is passionate about and how to step into that

Without this work, and the courage and confidence to do it, not much will happen. Yes, there may be some immediate short term results but for long term sustainable change you have got to do the deeper dive and you’ve got to come to coaching with a mindset that will support it.


In our next FREE webinar we will be discussing this very important topic and supporting you in understanding what is required to coach for sustainable change.

  • If you are interested in supporting long-lasting positive change through coaching, be sure to join us in our next FREE Webinar: Coaching for Sustainable Change, Wednesday, September 21 @ 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern. In this one hour webinar you will learn what coaching for sustainable change really means and why coaching is one of the most effective and valuable tools for dealing with change. Whether you are new to coaching and the concept of sustainable change or an experienced organization leader this webinar will show you how to make long-lasting and positive impacts through coaching. Be sure to join us. Click here to register.  

Fall line up of virtual courses – something for everyone


Whether you are a new coach starting to consider certification, an existing coach desiring to complete certification or a seasoned coach l~Link-18459~ooking to add to your tool kit we’ve got a program for you. Check out our Fall line-up. View the course details and see which one is right for you. Still not sure, get in touch. Click here to contact us or email

Group Training
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Are you looking to make long-lasting positive impact through coaching? Would you like to see results such as;

1. Improved Listening

2. Improved Communication

3. Improved Ability to Give       Feedback

4. Improved Conflict                 Resolution

5. Positively Impacted               Relationships

6. Improvement in Team           Dynamics & Team                 Communication

7. Increased Ability to               Engage Staff in                     Conversations that are         Solutions-Focused and         Promote Accountability

If you are challenged with the ever increasing pace of change, we’ve created a new webinar that will show you how to leverage coaching for sustainable change.


Join us for a FREE 1 hour webinar.

Date: Wednesday, September 21
Time: 11 am  Pacific time / 2 pm Eastern time. 
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Change starts in your thougths

Learning to Mindfully Listen

The ability to learn and apply intentional listening skills is a core element in coaching for both coaches and coachees. Mindful listening can help build relationships, trust and become the foundation for making long-lasting and positive change. We have identified five techniques that can help you achieve mindful listening. Find out the five techniques by clicking on the link below.


Read the full article on our blog.

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