Leading With Diversity

Course Overview

In this program with a flexible delivery schedule, participants will explore the roles that leaders must take in addressing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. This program is designed for those looking to gain further insight and awareness addressing DEI&B in every interaction with employees and teams. Leading with Diversity focuses on dimensions of diversity, giving the participant solid tools to use in everyday interactions.

  • Recommended for managers, leaders, and/or coaches.
  • Participants will learn and explore the roles that leaders must take in addressing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in every feedback/interaction with employees and teams. The focus is on adapting and evolving the leader’s mindset and presence to align with their employee’s needs.
  • Through a variety of methods, including presentation, videos, dialogue, and exercises, participants will learn about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) as well as explore the impacts of unconscious bias.
  • Leveraging the ‘Dimensions of Diversity’ model combined with the ‘be S.H.U.R.’ approach and the ‘D+E+I=BE ’ success formula, participants will walk away with working definitions of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging; the context to working in an organization/team; and their responsibility to embrace and apply DEI&B every day.
  • Upon completion, participants will be equipped to be successful in “Leading with Diversity” while demonstrating the competencies needed to build DEIB awareness, knowledge, and behaviors as effective and empathetic leaders.
  • Offered as a 2-hour program; schedule for delivery is flexible.
  • This program can be adapted to fit customers’ needs, such as aligned to performance. management processes, coaching, or feedback approaches.
  • A certificate of completion is proved provided to participants.
  • Offered virtually only.
  • Recommended number of participants: 6 minimum, 20 maximum per class for quality interaction and dialogue.
* According to the Association of Talent Development, companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher revenue per employee and a 24% higher profit margin than companies that spend less on training. * Companies with 2-D¹ diverse leadership are 45% more likely to see market growth over the previous year and are 70% more likely to expand into new markets. Harvard Business Review
¹ 2-D explained two dimensions of diversity, and it covers inherent (gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation) and acquired (skills and education) traits.

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