Completing the Module by Module Copy

Instructions to complete your Module-by-Module plan

Your work in every module will make this next step easier.

One of the exit criteria to become a DELT is to submit a sub-set of your Module-by-Module delivery plan to your mentor-coach for feedback and review.

This step will help you organize and place all the Notes To Self into the module-by-module to end up with a complete delivery plan.

We only need to see FOUR of your completed modules:

  1. Module 2 – The Coaching Exchange
  2. Module 3 – Be Curious & Listening
  3. Module 4 – Be Accepting & Questioning
  4. PLUS,
    1. if you are currently a Cotbx Licenced Trainer and are upgrading your licence to be a DELT, please submit Module 6 – Be Focused & Requesting.
    2. if you are new to Cotbx and this is your first Train-The-Trainer with us, please select any of the modules to submit as your #4.

Populating your module-by-module.

The objective of this exercise is for you to have a fully customized delivery plan and script ready for your first delivery of the course.

  1. Open the module-by-module file. Notice that after each segment there is a light grey row with the title “Note To Self” and a blank space in the right hand column. This is where you add in your guidance on how you plan to deliver this segment of the module.
  1. Conveniently the draft ideas you had when you were learning about this segment would have been captured in the corresponding NOTE TO SELF that you emailed to yourself.
  2. Cut/paste the contents from each Note To Self email, add, modify your thoughts to create solid directions to yourself on how you will deliver each segment of the content.
  1. Now, go complete this for each segment in all eight modules.
  2. The next step will help you upload your document for review.

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