Intro to Coaching for Leadership Success - Advanced



This 2-Day In-Person or Live Online is a truly immersive and transformational coaching skills program for Advanced learners in our Coach-Approach to Effective Communication Series From the outset, you will learn and incorporate all of the 5-Step Conversation Process skills and will begin to deepen your understanding with practicums designed for each respective step in the conversation process. You will learn how to manage the techniques of feedback and learn how to execute effective action planning that will increase the probability of success for your client(s)  By the end of this course, you will decide how to integrate the components of the 5-Step Conversation Process model into your personal and/or professional practice by setting key goals. Live demonstrations with feedback and evaluations take place in this Advanced-level course. 

Full Day: Live Online

  • 5-step Conversation Process Overview to conduct an effective communication exchange
  • Learn more about the 5-step process conversation process and practice knowing how to transition between steps
  • Start deepening your ability to Listen. Discover what gets in the way and how to use curiosity to enliven listening.
  • Refine the coaching skill of Questioning. Learn how to construct a powerful question. Witness the positive impact it has in conversations.
  • Practicum
  • Apply the coaching skill of Encouragement to increase effectiveness and impact on others.
  • Practicum
  • Couple the management technique of Feedback with the 5-Step

Conversation Process to design the unique Manager-Coach Dance©.


  • Execute the fifth coaching skill, Action Planning. Partner with the coachee/colleague, to set up accountability and deepen the possibility of their success.
  • Practicum
  • Decide how to integrate the components of the 5.5.5 model into your leadership practices.

Live demos with feedback.

  • Setting 5 key goals and items
  • Recap

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