Train-The-Trainer (T3) for Diversity Programs



This program is key for all Certified Diversity Coaches who want to add to their business offerings. Become licensed to deliver THREE diversity programs to coaches as well as individuals and leaders. This is an opportunity to broaden your client base and to grow your business while also learning to work with teams and individuals in bringing awareness of DEIB as well as tools to use in every conversation. 

  • Are you looking to expand your business, reach more customers and increase revenue? Then, invest in yourself by becoming a Certified Trainer!
  • We offer the opportunity for you to be trained to deliver THREE diversity-based programs.
  • By completing one or all of these train-the-trainer programs, you become licensed and certified to deliver the Embracing Diversity in YOUR Coaching*, Leading with Diversity, and/or Talk DEIB programs. (*Embracing Diversity in Coaching can only be delivered through COTBx as it is LMS dependent.)
  • Offered to individuals as well as small groups
  • Training includes:
    • Individual 1:1 sessions
    • Facilitation training
    • Content review
    • Prep
    • Shadowing
    • Post-class debriefs
    • Teach-back sessions with critique
    • Ongoing check-ins and support
  • Participants receive:
    • Program participant guides
    • Facilitators guides
    • Slides
    • Supporting documentation
  • Offered virtually
  • In order to obtain trainer certification in the Embracing Diversity in YOUR Coaching program, qualified individuals must have completed the program and obtained their Certified Diversity Coach badge.

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