7. Evokes Awareness Copy

7. Evokes Awareness Definition: Facilitates client insight and learning by using tools and techniques such as powerful questioning, silence, metaphor or analogy.
  1. Considers client experience when deciding what might be most useful.
  2. Challenges the client as a way to evoke awareness or insight.
  3. Asks questions about the client, such as their way of thinking, values, needs, wants and beliefs.
  4. Asks questions that help the client explore beyond current thinking.
  5. Invites the client to share more about their experience in the moment.
  6. Notices what is working to enhance client progress.
  7. Adjusts the coaching approach in response to the client’s needs.
  8. Helps the client identify factors that influence current and future patterns of behavior, thinking or emotion.
  9. Invites the client to generate ideas about how they can move forward and what they are willing or able to do.
  10. Supports the client in reframing perspectives.
  11. Shares observations, insights and feelings, without attachment, that have the potential to create new learning for the client.
Coaching Out of the Box® — 5/5/5 Coaching Model elements:
Principle: Be Curious Principle: Be Supportive Principle: Be Accepting Principle: Be Focused Principle: Be Committed Exchange: Identify
Exchange: Discover
Exchange: Strategize
Exchange: Clear The Way
Exchange: Recap
Skill: Listening
Skill: Encouraging
Skill: Questioning
Skill: Requesting
Skill: Action Planning

Reflect and remind yourself how you demonstrate or could demonstrate this competency in your coaching exchanges. 

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