Credentialing Success Course

Course Overview

This experience provides the guidance and support to complete the performance evaluation portion for an application to the ICF for an ACC Credential.

In this online self-study format, the student is guided through:
  • Successful criteria for ACC application
  • How to demonstrate the Minimum Skills Requirements for ACC
  • Explore and assess sample ACC-level recordings
  • Tips for Success
  • How to create a final recording
  • How to create a transcription (included in the course fee)
  • Submit that recording to our ICF assessors for final review and evaluation
  • Walk-through completing the ICF application
  • Auto-enrollment into the Credentialing Assessment Prep Class (CAP), 6 weeks live-online

Also included in the program:

  • 1 full transcript of a coaching session recording
  • Performance evaluation (Level 1 Assessors)

Price - $510 CDn / $405 USd

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Upcoming Program Dates

The first module in this program is being offered as a guided self-study course. The second module is offered live online and the student will be auto-enrolled into the Credentialing Assessment Prep (CAP) class, with course dates to be chosen.

$510 CDn / $405 USD

Please note: This course is only open to Coaching Out of the Box® past students and current students. If you are a past Coaching Out of the Box® graduate from 2022 and earlier, please reach out to our Program Advisor for your discount code. If you are NOT a student and would like to take this program, reach out to one of our Enrolment Coaches, and let’s chat.
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