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You’ve made the decision to become a coach, congratulations! The world of coaching has grown immensely in the last few years. Not only are individuals realizing the impact of coaching but organizations are also investing in coach training for their teams and looking for coaching skills in their employees.

Step into the program to start your journey. Whether you’re adding to your skillset as an employee or leader or you’re on the path to being a coach independently, our programs will get you where you need to be. Focus on your learning and choose a bundle package to become coach trained or a package that will take you to the doorstep of your ICF application.


Are you an individual looking to learn more about coaching or further your practice? We are a world-class team of industry pioneers and leaders and use our proven model to teach individuals to leverage the incredible power of coaching. All our programs lead to certification with the International Coach Federation.

Coaching Education

Coaching Education

Our courses have been created by industry leaders with a focus on the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Core Competencies. Coaching is the key to enhanced communication, increased productivity, empowering others and being a better leader. The benefits are endless.
Our coaching model can be used across multiple industries and is a great framework for further specialization. Coaching Out Of The Box® programs can be applied to any style of coaching: business, corporate, life, and more. All of our coach-facilitators are ICF Certified PCC or MCC level coaches

Certification Track

We believe in you and your ability to proceed toward your ICF designation. We have created courses that will put you on the path to certification with the ICF. If an ICF credential is your goal then this is the program you need.
The Certification Track is designed to guide you through a successful application to the ICF. From your recording and transcript to tips for success and exam preparation. After completion of this course, you will be awarded a completion certificate of an ICF Level 1 Program.
Pathway to ICF Credential Application
Additional Coach Development

Additional Coach Development

We have designed programs to meet your educational needs and further your coach development.
Have you completed previous coach training and now are working towards your ICF credential? Are you considering opening a coaching practice? Are you looking for ways to expand your coaching business and add to your skillset? View our courses to get your answers.

Train The Trainer

Are you looking to diversify your portfolio and step into the role of the teacher? The Train The Trainer program is a great place to start. We have several offerings available to you.
Facilitate coach training to employees, managers, and leaders both in your current organization as well as outside. We offer training options for coaching coaches and non-coaches in leadership roles as well as managers and individuals. The ‘dance’ between managing, influencing, coaching, and engaging can be tricky, our programs guide you through this.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is an area that all leaders and managers need to be versed on. Train The Trainer for diversity programs is the first step for you to work with this group. 
Click through to learn more about adding to your toolbox.
Train The Trainer

Not sure what course is right for you?

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