Frequently Asked Questions

At the root of it, rather than simply coach people, we teach people life changing coaching skills. Participants learn how to take a coach approach and adopt a coaching mindset. They learn experiential coaching skills in a simple, engaging way. Our programs teach people to cultivate a coaching culture in their lives and organizations and how to tap into the wisdom, brilliance and abilities of the people around them. Participants who are used to problem solving for others learn to develop those around them into resourceful, self-reliant problem solvers.

Our courses and programs are available in a variety of formats from live to virtual to a combination of both. We use the latest, most up to date teaching technology to make virtual learning efficient and simple. We have a physical location located in Langley, BC Canada for in person deliveries.

The ICF (International Coaching Federation) requirements for the purpose of a credential are that the sessions are live and interactive. There are some asynchronous elements to our programs, fieldwork and coaching practice which happen outside of class time.

All classes are synchronous i.e. live scheduled classes as per the ICF requirements. We have an extensive class schedule with class dates/times available to suit most schedules.

We understand the commitment of time you have signed up for and we also realize life can get in the way of your schedule. Our program is designed to offer live interactive learning. The ICF calls it synchronous learning. In the event you are unable to make a class we offer you one option to listen to a recording of the class you miss, complete and submit a Recorded Class Report prior to the next scheduled class. In this report you will be asked to outline your learnings, insights and demonstrate how the content of that missed session applies to your coaching.

We allow our students to miss up to 2 classes PER module. In this case, our system will send you a reminder to watch the class recording and fill out the Recorded Class Report to ensure that you receive the required training hours as per the ICF requirements for your credential application.

In cases where the number of missed hours falls below the ICF requirement for graduation, a retake of the specific missed classes may be utilized. A fee may apply.

There isn't ANYONE who couldn't benefit from learning the basics in coaching skills. When people learn coaching skills they learn how to truly listen to one another and hear things that bring whole new perspectives, ideas and new ways of collaborating. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, we’d love to talk to you about how learning coaching skills can help you achieve transformational results.
We believe coaching can change the world. Coaching Out of the Box® was born from one big question. "What if EVERYONE had coaching skills?" Over the years we have witnessed incredible transformation in individuals on up to entire organizations that have adopted a coaching culture. We have watched coaching grow from a few dedicated coaches in North America to a global sensation that continues to grow each year in numbers that were incomprehensible ten years ago. We believe coaching skills are transformational and immensely valuable for everyone. When people learn coaching skills they also learn to be curious, ask questions and be a student of others and their surroundings. Coaching unleashes untapped creativity and talent.
Don’t just take our word for it—organizations report that participants experience new perspectives, ideas and ways of communicating. Teams’ ability to support one another and develop solutions together is improved. Participants’ confidence is increased and they have new tools and skills to navigate conflict. Read some of our organizational testimonials here.

The Fast Track to ICF Credential is a scheduled 6 month program. All modules are synchronous as per ICF requirements. There is an option to ‘slow down’ the program if needed. As long as you finish within a total of 18 months, the Fast Track bundle price will apply. To discuss slowing down the program please connect with one of our Program Advisors.

Yes, if you register for the Fast Track program (saves up to $1000 vs purchasing the courses individually) you can ‘slow down’ the program with the assistance of our Program Advisor. **However, you must complete all modules within 18 months.

- Yes we do (only for the Fast Track program)
- There are two plans: pay in 3 installments or pay in 6 installments
- Scroll down this link to see the pricing and schedule

At the end of successful completion of the Fast Track to ICF Credential program Fast EDUCATION, Coaching Out Of The Box® awards our graduates the Coaching Out of the Box® Certified Graduate Coach designation.

When student completes part 2 CERTIFICATION Track, student receives full completion certificate of a Level 1 ICF Accredited Coaching Education Program along with 115.15 hours of ICF accredited coach-specific education for segments 1 - 7 of the Coaching Out of the Box® Coach Approach to Leadership Series™ including passing the ACC performance evaluation assessment.