Purposeful Conversations©

Individuals in influencing, management and leadership roles vastly improve their ability to be heard and gain alignment to the needs of the business. Participants are released back into the business with a heighten ability to ASK powerful questions that foster engagement. Their heightened TELLING skills, when used to provide FEEDBACK, informs and provides clear expectations. This dance between ASKING and TELLING in ONE CONVERSATION makes what was a tough conversation, easy and productive. Not just with employees or peers but also with customers, fellow leaders, and potential clients. 

It is about the bottom line. How to drive that bottom line by engaging with the talents and energy that exist in the employees, customers, and colleagues today.

You can’t lead or influence without conversation.

How powerful will it be when the TOUGHER conversations needed to drive business growth and develop people becomes easier? The EASIER conversations are, gets the work done, provides leadership, and delivers on the strategic outcomes and become 20% faster with these skills! 

That is what is possible when you build upon the natural leadership and strengths existing in the individuals that attend this course and who integrate into their personal style, a process to have purposeful conversations, deepen the skills of Listening and Questioning and hone the ability to provide feedback in an engaging developmental conversation.


Influencers and Managers shift their mindset and actions.

Doing all the talkingFully Listening to know when to talk
Depleting trust by telling and failing to engageBuilding trust through connection and ownership
Telling others what to doAligning the expectations and actions
Harsh directive feedback or no feedback at allFeedback that promotes corrective actions
Problem solving. Having to have the answersDeveloping resourceful problem solvers
Frustrated by lack of accountabilityBeing able to hold other’s accountable
purposeful conversations testimonial

“Merv and Lerae led one of the most engaging two day programs I have ever participated in. They were able to meet the group where we were and pivot the content around our questions and feedback on the fly. It was therefore really applicable to the group and we could see the application right away.” — Sydney P.

Course Overview

The Purposeful Conversations© Training Program was created by our top-level coaches with decades of coaching experience in the corporate world. This program offers learning that can be applied at all corporate levels.

The ability to influence others, the management of people, the developing of talent, the finesse to provide effective feedback, and the ability to provide inspiring leadership is not an exact science. It is messy. No one solution when found works for everyone. Each Manager – Employee or Influencer – Colleague combination brings a whole new set of challenges that cannot be expressed in an email, a chart, or a spreadsheet. It MUST occur through conversation – A Purposeful Conversation.

Key Skills Covered

  • Five-step process for every conversation
  • Four core leadership skills:
    • Multi-dimensional listening
    • Powerful questions that accelerate development and new insights
    • Encouraging action, growth, and new awareness
    • Action Planning to establish meaningful and motivating goals and workable plans to achieve them
  • Four fundamental leadership behaviours coaches have found enhance conversation outcomes.
  • Feedback and directing techniques
  • The ultimate Manager-Coach Dance© allows the navigation from the toughest to the easiest conversation.

The enhancement of the skills, the experience, and the practice to have these conversations is what we cover in this program. We want to go beyond “teaching managers to coach”. We want to be much more practical. We want to provide an experience where leaders, managers, and influencers build on their own management and coaching styles to communicate and connect in a more powerful way. Notice we did not just say communicate and connect with employees. Although they will be the key focus.

This is about enhancing the skills to communicate with customers, other leaders, potential customers, and all the situations that will be needed to deliver on the strategic performance outcomes of the organization.

They all require powerful and purposeful conversations to work in concert with solid technical attributes.

Consider incorporating this program into your organization?

purposeful conversations testimonial

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