How to destroy a perfectly good employee

The Coaching Out of The Box® team got together for a planning meeting and got into a good conversation about employee motivation. What follows is the thoughts we had and we would love to see you add to the list!

  • Treat them like they are 5
  • Micromanage them
  • Tell them what to do
  • Don’t follow up
  • Don’t notice the little things
  • Don’t model what you expect of them
  • Disrespect their time
  • Believe that they don’t need to know everything going on
  • Make decisions without consulting them
  • Have corporate values that are just words on a wall
  • Take credit for their ideas
  • Reward mediocracy
  • Avoid conflict
  • Let them fend for themselves
  • Belittle or shame them in front of their colleagues
  • Tell them you can’t do anything about what they have come to you with as a complaint
  • Cut innovation or new ideas off at the knees
  • Don’t pay attention to mood or subtle issues
  • Manage from a place of fear
  • Set Targets that are un-achievable
  • Develop insulting incentives- where pay doesn’t equate effort
  • Lip Service Slogans
  • Prevent them from accessing social media or other tools they can use for their jobs
  • Spy on them