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COACHING: What I used to think and what I have come to know!

5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program TMWe all have preconceived ideas about coaching, but what changes for leaders and managers after 2 days of our 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ PLUS Six Coaching Skills practicums?


Many of them come in thinking that coaching is just something you are either good or bad at and that it’s a skill just naturally built within you, but they leave knowing that coaching is a leadership skill any individual can be successful at with some training and practice!



Here are some of the great coaching lessons these leaders and managers have learned from their time with us.


I used to think … it was more about the coach having all of the answers and sharing those answers with the learner.

But now I know … it is more about the learner having the answers and ideas for the future, and the coach providing assistance.


I used to think … it only applied to athletes or those who wanted life coaching.

But now I know … coaching is a useful tool for increasing engagement in many types of conversations, particularly at work, but also with family and friends.


I used to think … coaching was just telling people what to do.

But now I know … coaching empowers an employee to think for themselves and work on a solution based on their own ideas.


I used to think … coaching was used to discipline an employee.

But now I know … it is used as an exploratory tool to engage in conversations that address true feelings and issues, in an effort to explore solutions. 


I used to think … it was simply guiding others to get things done.

But now I know … it is supporting people through listening, asking questions, and being curious, to help them to a place where they get what they need to resolve their concerns.


I used to think … of coaching more in terms of sports programs, or maybe performance management, not in terms of life skills.

But now I know … it can be used as part of a leadership style where I can engage others in the process of problem solving.


I used to think … coaching was very complex.

But now I know … it is empowering and supportive.


I used to think … it was providing information to others and then sending them off to do the job.

But now I know … coaching is utilizing active listening skills to allow the respondent to find out solutions for themselves, while asking open ended questions.


I used to think … it was just one of many tools used to solve a specific problem.

But now I know … it is a perspective by which to look at EVERYTHING!

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I would highly recommend Coaching out of the Box® to any leader working with teams and interested in self improvement and growth. Thank you for the experience it has made me a better leader. 
– Bethany Kopel
Centre for Behaviour Health Sciences, Mackenzie Health Coordinator

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