March 2017 Newsletter

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Coaching Breakthroughs:
Diving Deeper to Move Forward


Coaching at its core is about helping people improve, grow and achieve their goals. This journey, moving a coachee from where they are stuck today to where they want to be in the future, typically involves in-depth work to uncover blocks, expose blind spots and challenge detrimental self-beliefs. It also involves exploration of personal and professional obstacles as the two are often intertwined. In fact, it is not uncommon to discover that the thing holding a coachee back from achieving his/her personal goals is the same obstacle that is preventing attainment of professional goals.

Identifying the obstacles holding one back might seem straightforward but experienced coaches know that this can be a complex process. The coach must help the coachee look at many different areas, peel back multiple layers and uncover hidden factors, many of which are emotionally charged issues that must be dealt with. Let’s face it. Identifying the obstacles holding a coachee back is complex because people are complex.

Obstacles often put their roots down early in one’s life. It may start with an experience early in life that produces a negative outcome. That experience/negative outcome is repeated and, over time, becomes a belief. The individual may have forgotten how it all started and is no longer able to recognize the obstacle or its source. The patterns have become so ingrained in a person’s psyche that they are seen as truth. Guiding someone through the discovery process to understand that these ‘truths’ are what is actually holding them back can take time and expertise. You’ve got to start at the surface and then peel back the layers to get to the root of the obstacle. It is precisely through this process of discovery that the real breakthroughs occur. The aha moments. We call this diving deeper. So how do you dive deeper with a coachee into meaningful discovery about themselves and their situation?

We will explore this topic during our next free webinar. During this webinar, you will learn what is required to explore and uncover areas that are often at the source of where a coachee becomes stuck, self-defeating or demotivated without inserting your bias.


Webinar: Coaching Breakthroughs – Diving Deeper to Move Forward

As coaches, one of our key areas of focus is to help our coachees achieve their goals. The ability to set and consistently achieve one’s goals has many benefits including improved performance and heightened self-confidence. But getting the coachee to this point typically involves in-depth work to uncover blocks, expose blind spots and challenge detrimental self-beliefs. Coaches, by using their questioning, listening and framing skills, can guide their coachees through the discovery process to help them gain new insights about what is holding them back.

We’ve created this webinar, specifically to show you tips and techniques to dive deeperwith your coachees so that they can have the breakthroughs and aha moments that will get them unstuck and on the road to goal attainment. Topics we will cover include;

  • How to establish trust
  • Techniques for getting to the root source of what is holding the coachee back
  • How to bring about awareness of where a coachee may be kidding themselves or are blind to seeing
  • Ways to identify resistance to change – what to listen for and questions to ask

Join us for this Free Webinar

Wednesday March 15, 2017

11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern



Tips on Diving Deeper to Get More Breakthroughs

This month we are focusing on diving deeper with your coachee to help them uncover blocks to moving forward and goal attainment. Here are a few tips we’ve found particularly useful.

  • Ask questions that help you peel back the layers to uncover what is getting in the way or holding your coachee back. Remember these can be personal or professional, home or work.
  • Identify the areas that are causing the most stress and getting in the way of goal achievement.
  • Don’t try to tackle everything at once. Determine the key areas to focus attention on and then prioritize.
  • Rinse and repeat. This is an on-going process. Work with your coachee to set up accountability check points along the journey.

Want more tips, check out our Personal Groundwork for Coaching Assessment.


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Coach Resource Corner

We provide many resources to support coaches at all levels. On our website, you can find blog articles, educational videos, webinar recordings and more under Coaching Resources. We are continually updating this section so check back often. Recently added (and available for download):

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