Credentialing Success Course Retake



Did your performance evaluation not meet the standards and need a re-do?

Please note this program is only open to COTBx Certified Graduate Coaches and does not include the Credential Assessment Prep Class (CAP).

The Re-Take offering packages five vital components:
  1. Three hours of 1:1 Mentor Coaching, which must span over a time of three months or longer.
  2. A review of the feedback from previous assessors by your Mentor-Coach
  3. Access to the Credentialing Success Course.
  4. Online ability to submit a third recording for evaluation.
  5. Support from PASS to ACC application.

What is unique about the Credentialing Success Course is we ADDED:

  • Exploring and assessing sample ACC-level recordings
  • Tips for Success
  • Practical guidelines for client selection and agreement setting for the recording
  • All the technical and practical aspects of how to create a final recording
  • A FREE service to produce a transcription of the recording
  • Online interface to submit all needed files to our ICF assessors for final review and evaluation
  • Written feedback from the ICF Assessor with a Pass or Fail status
  • Level 1 Assessors all PCC-level, above and beyond ICF requirements!
  • PROTECTION. The ability to have a second recording assessed by COTBx for FREE, should the first recording not meet minimum ACC standards
  • Walk through completing their ICF application

Also included in the program:

- 1 full transcript of a coaching session recording
- Performance evaluation (Level 1 Assessors)

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