Seven Questions You Need Answered Before Signing Up for a Coach Training Program

The following are questions you should ask any coaching company you are considering partnering with for your Coach Training to become an ICF Credentialed Coach...

  1. What are the credentials of the coach facilitators who are delivering the program?

    Ask for the experience and confirm the credentials of the coach facilitators who will be taking part in your training. Invest some time to speak to the people behind the program you are considering.

  2. Is the program schedule convenient? Does it offer flexibility?

    Can you do the program from home or on a laptop from anywhere or do you need to be physically present at a facility? What happens if you can’t make a session? Can you make it up or is there a replay?

  3. Does the program have a good reputation?

    Do they have an abundance of testimonials? Ask them if it’s possible to speak with one of their graduates? Are their trainers ICF credentialed? Search the internet to see what people are saying about them online.

  4. Does the program provide the training necessary for you to apply for ICF ACC Credential?

    Make sure the program you take has enough coach-specific training and mentor coaching hours for you to qualify for the ICF ACC Credential. Note: In addition to coach-specific training and mentor coaching hours, you will also need to complete 100 hours of coaching experience.

  5. Do they offer ongoing ways to fine-tune your coaching skills?

    Do they offer free resources on their site that will help you refine your coaching skills? How invested are they in providing you with what you need to excel beyond just selling you their program?

  6. Are there any costs beyond the program price (and ICF Credential Application fees) required to obtain your ICF Credential?

    Is mentor coaching included or is there an additional charge? Are enough ICF coaching hours included for you to apply for your ICF ACC Credential?  

  7. If your goal is to start your own coaching practice, what support is offered to help you launch and maintain a successful coaching practice?

    What guidance do they offer? Do they offer any training on the business side of coaching? How committed are they to your success after you complete their program?


Backed up by a high level of customer service - If you have a question—even if you never end up taking one of our programs—we will answer it for you. We are 100% committed to your success. We know that some aspects of the coach credentialing process can be confusing. So, remember, we’re here to help you on your coaching journey.


Why Coaching Out of the Box?

At Coaching Out of the Box, we are committed to your success and we’re passionate about coaching. We will do everything within our power to help you succeed at both your coaching career and becoming an ICF credentialed coach… because when you succeed, we succeed.  And it’s not just about YOU  succeeding, all the people you impact with your coaching skills will do better!

Coaching Out of the Box offers you the following benefits, our coaching is…

  • Powered by programs developed by leading coaching experts – Our 5/5/5 program and other Coaching Out of the Box programs were developed by Master Certified Coaches (of which there are only 1,174 in the world), some who played a key role in the development of the ICF Core Competencies.
  • Performed by experts – As of December 2019, there were 1,174 Master Certified Coaches in the world. Coaching Out of the Box has four MCCs on our faculty who take part in our Fast Track to ICF Credential coaching program. Not only that, every mentor coach who takes part in the mentor coaching component of our training is a PCC level coach (or higher).
  • Convenient and adaptable to your lifestyle - We’ve been doing coaching online for over ten years now. Learning in a virtual environment means you won’t spend money on gas and will avoid the hassle of driving to and from a location. All you need is access to a working computer, webcam, and an internet connection, and you can become an ICF credentialed coach in as little as six months. And while we encourage you to attend all the classes live, if due to circumstances beyond your control you can’t attend a session live, you’ll be able to watch a recording of it, so you don’t fall behind. That said, due to ICF guidelines that require coaching classes to be interactive and dynamic, you can only miss two of the live classes per module. Note: If you do miss a class, you must fill out a Missed Class Report.
  • Interactive – Our goal is to provide you with a coaching experience similar to the classroom environment. You’ll be able to ask questions (and receive the answers) in real-time. Plus, if you need clarification about anything, let us know and we’ll address your concern.
  • Packed with the skills you need to be an effective coach - While you’ll learn many coaching skills in our 5/5/5 program, there are five skills that go to the very core of coaching. These are the five skills you need to conduct an impactful dialogue with people. These should be used in all your coaching interactions. You’ll also learn our five-step coaching exchange. This is a framework to be used between you, the coach, and your coachee. You’ll also discover the five guiding principles for coaching. This is what will distinguish you as a professional coach from someone who just says they’re a coach. These are the five key elements needed to create an effective and transformational coaching environment and to ensure you always have the right mindset for coaching.
  • Easy to understand – As noted above, we’ve simplified the coaching process into five key core coaching skills, a five-step coaching exchange, and five guiding principles to follow. This makes our process easy to remember and easy to use and when something has those characteristics, you’re more likely to put your coaching skills into action.


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