Mike Atkins

As a leader in today’s climate, how you ‘show up’ will make or break you. To be successful you have to get it right, or organizational objectives will suffer. Mike will help you ‘get it right’, as a leader, in a way that focuses on your strengths and creates awareness of where your areas for growth are. This will allow you to lead in a way that is authentic to yourself, and doesn’t feel forced, contrived or phoney.

Mike’s clients are high achievers and leaders – from CEO’s of international corporations to ambitious entrepreneurs.  They are leaders who are looking for impactful change on their internal and external world; He helps them achieve higher levels of success through: heightened motivation, creativity, and inspiration.

Since 2014 he has worked in organizational and leadership development. In that time he has learned how to effectively diagnose the needs of his clients and the importance establishing sustainable change vs just applying solutions.

In addition to his Leadership Development career, Mike has completed 20 years of distinguished service in the Canadian Armed Forces. He has led, mentored and developed thousands of organization stakeholders. Mike’s experience stems from developing leaders to successfully perform in dynamic and adverse operational environments internationally. He has a keen understanding of executive coaching, leadership and organizational development, strategy and change management.

When it comes to his brand the most common attributes people use to describe Mike are a “grounded presence” and “creative thinker”.

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