How do you Measure the Return on Investment for Coaching?

So how does one measure coaching ROI? This has been a popular question since way back when coaching was formally established. However, until recently, the quest to effectively measuring coaching ROI has been an ever elusive and sometimes even likened to trying to “measure snowflakes”. This slippery nature of coaching ROI is partly because there are so many variables and elements at play. Measuring the impact of soft skills on business is always a challenge—human relationships are complex and so many factors affect the bottom line.

Nevertheless, at Coaching Out of the Box® we believe that organizations should be able to define the outcomes they expect from coaching and to clearly measure progress. That’s why we’ve developed our groundbreaking and unique Coaching Quotient™ (CQ) process to help solve this problem and to create clarity around the real impact of coaching.

What is CQ?

CQ is an approach we’ve developed to measure the impact of coaching. It’s a way for organizations, teams and individuals to benchmark and measure coaching related progress on key drivers and indicators that are critical to business strategy and execution.

How Does it Work?

Because every organization is so unique, we work with you to use information and data you already possess or collect—this also means it’s not a make work project to create or start to collect a whole new data set. From this, we can build a baseline. We then partner with you and use our expertise in coaching and OD to create a CQ “scorecard” that is totally unique to your situation.

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