How to Improve Cognitive Function & Increase Longevity

It is well known that taking care of the body can create a healthy, happy lifestyle and improve longevity, however, brain power isn’t always given the same consideration. Cognitive function isn’t just a term used for babies and children, it is also essential for adults to develop as well. Although there is some crossover between healthy lifestyle and improved cognition, there are certain other habits that can be formed to better assist in this endeavour, such as:

  1. Keep active. This goes for both the body and the mind. Exercising physically can help, however, it is also essential to keep the mind active. There are many apps and games available that can challenge and test the mind, which helps to sharpen it.
  2. Choose more educational programming on television. It is nice to occasionally zone out with a fluff piece on TV, but to help the brain stay active, throw in some interesting documentaries or educational programs.
  3. Practice recall. When something is read or observed, it isn’t necessarily stored. Practicing recall can not only help store information better, but it can build up pathways.
  4. Learn a new skill or hobby. Even something as simple as learning to write with the opposite hand can help create new connections in the brain, which may be a step towards preventing Alzheimer’s and other brain conditions later in life.
  5. Attend classes, workshops or conventions. This also helps the brain to form new connections and may even help with building new social connections.
  6. Work on reducing stress. Stress is a killer, especially of cognitive function, so make sure to practice stress reduction to prevent cell loss over time.
  7. Pick up a book, or an ebook, and read it. The more the brain is required to remember a storyline, characters and events, the better it functions over time.
  8. Practice creativity. Problem solving and thinking outside the box are additional ways to improve cognitive function.

Although some of these activities can be done from the comfort of home, or even the couch, it is also important to engage full brain activity by interacting with the real world. Both brain hemispheres need to be interactive, so ensuring the use of a broad range of tactics will ultimately garner the most success.

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