How to know if your Organization is ready for Coaching

Last month I shared 5 key strategies for coaching success. This month I will take a closer look at strategies for coaching success in organizations. Organizations that introduce and embrace coaching are seeing positive and exciting results. But what is required to bring coaching to your organization and make it successful? When coaching is implemented successfully we see certain commonalities. Below is a list of the key traits commonly found in organizations that have been successful at bringing coaching in. This list can be used as a guide to help you understand the readiness of your organization. It is important to think of readiness not as an absolute but as a continuum. There is not an absolute point at which an organization becomes ready. Rather, each organization will fall somewhere on the readiness continuum. It is up to each organization to understand where it is on the continuum and determine the point at which it is ready to bring coaching in.


  • Clearly defined business need. The business need is clearly identified and coaching is a tool that is aligned with addressing those needs. Coaching is a powerful tool that can address many business needs, but not everything. Have a good understanding of coaching and make sure that it is the right tool to address the business need at hand.
  • Clearly defined goals and objectives. Successful coaching programs have clearly defined goals and objectives. Just as important, these goals and objectives have been clearly communicated throughout the organization.
  • Coaching champions have been identified and are on-board. Champions are individuals with authority and influence who will act as coaching advocates and remove roadblocks. These are often members of senior leadership or HR/Learning and Development leaders or other appropriate individuals. Champions are critical to getting participant buy-in and helping to sustain the program benefits long after the training is completed.
  • Flexibility in training format to fit with organizational needs. The training is offered in a variety of formats so that it can be delivered in a format that is best suited for the organization, for example, on-site, remote or a blend. Delivery of the training will be efficient, cost-effective and convenient to maximize participation without putting undue hardships on participants or significantly disrupting business operations.
  • Aligned with needs and culture. Regardless of how the training is delivered, successful organizations adopt a program that is aligned with their needs and culture. The program will have a framework that makes it easy to learn and easy to apply so that it can be consistently delivered with reproducible results.

If you’d like more tips on bringing coaching successfully in to your organization, we are here to support you. View our webinar: How to Bring Coaching Successfully to Your Organization or download our whitepaper: How to Evaluate the Results of a Coaching Skills Development Program

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