How to Use Laser Speaking to Communicate More Effectively


In today’s business world time efficiency is essential. In meetings and discussions, there may be a tendency to speak for longer and to reiterate the same point to ensure it is heard. Unfortunately, this takes up time and may cost other speakers from being able to establish their points as well. The answer to this is “laser-speaking”. This is an efficiency tool that keeps conversations to the point and precisely identifies what the speaker is trying to communicate without unnecessary additional information or time-wasting. It allows a point to be made by an individual without the background story or long explanations being provided. Participants are encouraged to use as few words as possible to convey their point or respond to another’s point.

There are many benefits of using such tools, especially in a coaching setting. The following is a brief list of the positives associated with laser-speaking in a business setting:

  • Maximizes the time spent in a meeting or group communication
  • Requires people to think before they speak and keeps them focused
  • Assists with being able to understand the points being made – people can feel they are being heard
  • Makes discussions more direct and answers more specific
  • Prevents domination by one speaker
  • Prevents loss of interest or zoning out

Start using laser speaking in a group by identifying the practice and the benefits associated with it. When people understand the underlying reasons why this tool is useful, they are more likely to be open to using it.

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