Learn How to Trust Yourself as a Coach

Trusting oneself can be a great skill, learned over years of practice in self awareness and listening to intuitive insights. For some coaches, the ability to trust themselves to coach effectively may not come as easy as others. This may be due to the fact that these coaches were in completely different industries and are switching careers to follow their dreams, leading them to second guess a lot of their decisions and processes. Every coach has the ability to be great, just like every client can find the answers they need if they just focus in the right directions.

  1. Intuition is important. Body language, dialogue and facial expressions can give off subtle indicators about the client. As long as the coach is coming from a place of non-judgment, intuition can pick up on these indicators and help guide the coach to use appropriate questions for the situation.
  2. Practice builds trust. It is said that to become an expert at something takes 10,000 hours of practice. The more a coach practices their skills, the better they develop. This practice, even if it is on family or friends to start with, can help a coach build a trust in their processes, skills and intuition.
  3. Give it time. No one expects perfection from a new recruit and a coach should never expect perfection from themselves. Even if hours of practice were involved previous, chances are, there will be some mistakes. These are normal and should never detour anyone from achieving their dreams.
  4. Take time to relax and review. When a coach is able to understand their own motivations, reactions and decisions, even after a session has ended, they can better analyze how things can improve in the future.
  5. Always keep learning. New techniques and skills may help alleviate some concerns a coach has about their abilities. It also broadens their knowledge and allows them to assist clients further. This can bolster extra confidence in the coach and the clients.

Being a coach can be a meaningful and fulfilling career but the skills take time to develop. Coaches rely on trusting themselves and their clients to move forward in their careers and help their clients move forward as well.

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