Our Work with NGOs


Photo: Dr. Talemoh Dah engages with global colleagues from Nigeria over Elluminate Live! platform
Photo: Dr. Talemoh Dah engages with global colleagues from Nigeria over Elluminate Live! platform


Over the last four years, Coaching Out of the Box® has worked with a non-profit organization called LINGOS (Learning in NGOs) that is committed to bringing leadership, project management and coaching skills to people who work for NGOs. As a partner of LINGOS, we deliver a two part coaching skills program for participants.

Marc Bowles, who delivers many of these programs for Coaching Out of the Box® says: "Delivering this program has been so exciting. I love sharing the coach approach with others, and even waking up at 5:30 am to prepare for the delivery time in different time zones! Recently we evaluated the number of participants, countries and NGOs who have participated, which brought about a flurry of emotions. From that initial WOW to an amazing feeling of being humbled by the numbers, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to have conversations with such a global audience. To date we've helped 33 NGOs and 112 participants in 34 countries, from Madagascar, Sri Lanka, South America, Central America, Asia, and Europe to North America. 

To be sharing and facilitating coaching with global leaders opens the door to creating positive change. They show up with real challenges, real emotions and in a short time with this work they leave with applicable tools that can immediately make a difference. The shift from feeling isolated to supported is tangible. We also have a lot of fun on these calls - it's not all serious. The work in LINGOs feels right, we're supporting NGOs in the incredibly valuable work they do internationally. 

One participant, Dr. Talemoh Wycliff Dah, Senior Clinical Advisor in Ipas, Nigeria, says: "Coaching Out of the Box® can sharpen any coach's skill in any walk of life. I started using the concepts immediately after the first session. These are skills all our Clinical Mentors will need and the concept needs to be passed to all of them."