The Quiet Quitting, The Great Resignation...Reshuffle, Reassess…

People have been quietly quitting for years, just without the trendy term. Whether they’re looking for a new job, are struggling with their career path or with unacceptable expectations; quietly quitting isn’t new.

What is new, or at least more in the forefront, is searching for meaning and better work-life boundaries. The pandemic has increased our stress and led to higher rates of burnout in most job sectors.

Then enters remote working, showing us different ways of working that also allows us to enjoy some personal time and flexibility.

Do a quick Google search and you’ll find articles and opinions from McKinsey to any news publication you follow. Rethinking and rejecting, hustling and quitting…in comes the passion economy. Where you do more of what you love. Regain control. Plan your life on your terms.

Each generation is handling this in different ways. Gen Z-ers are leading the charge as they have come of age in tumultuous times of the pandemic, Black Lives Matter, climate change and the invasion of Ukraine. While Gen Z workers (aged 18-25 years) value flexibility and meaning in their work, Millennials and Gen X-ers (26-57 years) are looking at self employment and are open to new paths and possibilities. Then there’s the Baby Boomers, that powerful generation that has affected change in everything from job prospects to the creation of products for decades.

Regardless of where you are in the generation chart, you may be considering your options and future plans.

We talk with potential students every day and hear about where they’re at and where they want to go. Who are our students?

  • An individual transitioning from a previous career or looking to transition; looking for purpose with an eye on future retirement. Background in the corporate world or in HR.
  • A high performer looking to the future and ensuring they have influence and control over their future growth. This individual is adding to their toolbox to increase their client base and offerings.
  • A leader looking to increase their role at their current company. This person is looking forward within their existing environment.
  • An individual looking at creating a life with meaning and purpose but also with control over boundaries and expectations.

Regardless of age, job role, gender, geographic location or any other diversity, we are looking for meaning and control. Both as coaches and coachees.

The world of coaching is and has been changing. It’s an exciting place to be!

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