What Coaching Habits to Form Early On (Or Even Now!)

Developing good coaching habits early on can help with building a successful and lasting practice, as well as a loyal clientele. Not every habit will work for every coach, but they can all work together to create a better coaching experience overall. The following are some great habits to establish early, or incorporate in more advanced coaching if they aren’t already in use:

  1. Learn how to focus. This is essential to help clients feel that they are really being listened to as well as to be the most effective in coaching each client.
  2. Learn how to ask the right questions. Whether it is a list of go-to questions to start off a new client, the right questions can open up new worlds for both the coach and the client.
  3. Keep finding new challenges. Whether it is mental puzzles, or difficult clients, challenges are an important part of learning and growing. It will also keep things from becoming monotonous.
  4. Take time to reflect and relax. Sometimes meditation works for people, other times it can be hiking in the woods or sitting in the backyard. Whatever it is, ensure it becomes a habit, especially when working with individuals dealing with issues.
  5. Always keep learning. Take new courses, read new books, join online groups, whatever it takes, always engage in learning new things.
  6. Practice positive thinking. Once it becomes a habit, it is easier to execute naturally and can change the tone of a room or even a client’s disposition.

There are many additional habits that can help within a coaching practice and each coach can choose what works best for them and their clients. We would love to hear some suggestions of what works for other coaches!

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