Where To Go For Support When It’s Needed

No matter what the workload is like as a coach, there is likely a time when every coach will need some support. It is crucial to have the proper support system in place so as to keep sane. How to set up this support system depends on the coach themselves. There are options for online groups, close friends, other coaches in the community, the options go on. The scenario for why support is required can also determine where a coach should go. The following are some guidelines for finding support when it’s needed:


  1. Where to Start? What is the reason support is required? Is it a personal issue or a business issue? Different situations require different ways of approaching the issues and can produce different results. Good coaches work with the whole person and can support you in coming up with a plan, strategy, provide resources or key next steps.


  2. Find a coach for the coach. Just because someone is a coach already, it doesn’t mean they won’t need a coach of their own to help them. A lot of times people have trouble seeing the situation from any other vantage point, even if that might be their job with others.
  3. Commit to always learning more. Every coach should still be in the process of learning, whether they take additional courses or read books, they have never fully learned everything and might find some solutions in new learning materials.
  4. Join online groups to engage in discussions and ask questions. These groups often have a variety of people in different aspects of coaching and at different levels in their careers. Whatever the situation is, there is likely someone available who has been through it and can provide feedback on their experiences.
  5. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. In fact, studies have shown there is a higher level of respect that can be gained by admitting to not knowing all the answers.
  6. Sometimes the support needed might be in taking a step back. Becoming overwhelmed and stressed can lead to a clouded mind and some problems may seem larger than they are in these situations. Take a step back and regroup for a better perspective.

No matter what the course of action is, getting support when it is necessary is a vital part of life, no matter what the career path. Never be afraid to reach out to others or to provide support for peers and friends. People are stronger when they trust that others will support them.

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