Why Having a Coaching Presence Makes a Difference?

A “Coaching Presence” can be interpreted in different ways, but the general idea is being present while coaching. This means having an awareness of themselves, the ongoing conversation, the coachee and having trust in the coachee as well as the potential for change. Once a coach can master this skill, the flow of the conversation and the connection with the coachee can grow. But what impact can this presence offer in the relationship of the coach and coachee? The following are some examples of the benefits to the coachee by being present as a coach:

  1. Helps the coach become more connected with the coachee which can lead into a deeper level of communication.
  2. The coachee can become more involved in the overall process and open up more to discovering themselves and furthering their development.
  3. Full commitment to a coachee can improve the chances of success for that session as well as progress through future sessions with the coachee.
  4. Deeper observation by the coach can lead to further discovery by the coachee.
  5. Creates a better environment for both coach and coachee to explore ideas and solutions together.

A strong coaching presence can not only build up a relationship with a client, but also the business of a coach. Referrals from satisfied clients are the best way to further a coaching business and happy customers can be the best advertisements of all.

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