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David Lodewyks

EEE, Enlightening, Enriching, Explorative journey through unlocking and reaching within our bottomless pit of human potential to enhance self to serve others in their journey.

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Renee P.

Excellent program, colleagues, practice, support, and facilitators! I thought I was already a great coach yet I learned so much.

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Scott Holdman

COTBx is transformational experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering being a coach.

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Negar Azizi

Professional mentor coaches, supportive group, rich and deep lessons and caring environment to help us learn and enjoy.

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Joshua Fenning

I love the facilitators and their passion. Coaching is like chess, and true to that analogy most of your value is in playing and studying games.

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Ceri-Anne Watson

The experience for me is that our facilitators really are ‘down to earth’ and human – they are understanding all of the barriers that can

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Current student

I really enjoyed engaging with my peers and I enjoyed the class. It was evident that every instructor is passionate about coaching and this made

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Renee Paul

Tremendous program that gives you valuable coaching experience right from the start and at the right pace. This program is an excellent mix of knowledge and

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Shelley D

This program gives the information, practice and skills development opportunities to be an effective professional coach.

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