December 2019 Newsletter

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December Events from Coaching Out of the Box®



 Here is a snapshot of what is happening this month at Coaching Out of the Box®. Find details below or visit our website.

We have 2 courses starting in December and we’ll be jammin’ in January with 5 courses starting;

Our webinar this month will focus on the business of coaching. Save the Date: December 11.

Educational Webinars

The Business of Coaching

If you are just starting your practice or you are ready to see your practice soar, this webinar is for you.



You've already got the coaching skills, now is the time to learn what it takes to Make it as a Coach and Build a Successful Practice.

It takes more than great coaching skills to create a thriving coaching practice. We've seen too many excellent coaches falter when it comes time to launch their coaching practice - just because they don't have the business skills.

You wouldn’t have started coaching without coaching skills so why would you start a business without business skills? Our next webinar takes you through tips for success when you are ready to start or grow your own coaching business.

We'll look at steps you can take before you open for business as well as tips for success during the first year.

Topics we will cover include;

  • Where do I want to go? Your vision and goals
  • What do I need to know? Education / training
  • How do I get there? Business / marketing plan
  • How do I get on the express lane? Operating systems / Getting help
  • Time for Q and A

Join us for this free webinar
Wednesday December 11, 2019
11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern

Education and Training Courses

Last Chance in 2019

Build Core Competencies

Coaching Fundamentals™

Nail the Core Competencies with this hands-on class. Includes practical techniques for trust building, focused listening, evocative questioning, planning and goal setting. The course includes practice sessions that are reviewed by a professional coach who provides feedback on coaching skills and comprehension of the competencies. You will learn the skills and gain the confidence needed to use them.

Click on the course title to learn more.

Coaching Fundamentals™ - Starts December 5

Testimonial: Coaching Fundamentals was essential to my growth as a human resource professional. I feel like I have the tools I need to have powerful conversations with the people I work with.

Advance Your Skills

Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum

Refine your coaching skills by coaching others and hearing others coach in a virtual classroom overseen and critiqued by an ICF certified professional coach. The environment fosters real-time learning for those doing the coaching and for those observing.



Participants in this course;

  • Gain confidence in their ability to coach
  • Hear a variety of styles and methods by hearing others coach
  • Get immediate feedback on their coaching and use of the core coaching skills by an ICF Certified Coach
  • Are challenged to coach at a whole new and higher level in a fun and supportive way
  • Receive coaching tips, techniques and demonstrations from an ICF Certified Coach

Click on the course name to learn more.

Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum - Starts December 11.

Testimonial: Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum is an action packed class where you learn coaching by coaching. The facilitator creates a unique and supportive environment where everyone's improve their coaching skills receiving constructive feedback. ACSP gives you the confidence needed to start building the coaching hours for certification. – Caroline P.

Kickstart your 2020

5 courses starting in January

Take the Fast Track to Your ICF Credential

Fast Track to ICF Credential

Fulfils the educational requirements for obtaining the ICF ACC credential

Benefits of the Fast Track to ICF Credential include;

  • FAST TRACK: Takes only 6 months to complete (other programs may take as long as 18 months).
  • ROBUST, DISTANCE-BASED LEARNING: We use cutting-edge technology to create an in-person, interactive classroom experience while you participate remotely.
  • TOP-NOTCH EDUCATION AND TRAINING: You get world-class instruction from expert coaches with experience in both coaching and teaching.
  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: We offer day and evening classes for your convenience, and new classes start throughout the year.
  • AFFORDABLE: This program is priced to fit into your budget. Save $600 USD / $790 CAD when you register for the package option. Don’t need the package option? You also have the choice of taking separate modules a la carte. We even have a payment plan.
  • NEW: The Fast Track to ICF Credential now includes three hours of 1:1 mentor coaching.

Click here to view the schedule - Starts January 7

Testimonial: Coaching Out of the Box® gave me much more than what I expected. After the first couple sessions of FastTrack I was thinking, wow I've learned so much already and was really excited about what I would know by the end of the program. It didn't disappoint, I feel I'm a much better coach and understand coaching in a way that I never imagined I would. Excited about moving people forward with my new found understanding. - Brad W.

Build Core Competencies

5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™

Learn advanced questioning, multidimensional listening and framing skills. Through the simple, intuitive and highly transferable 5/5/5 Coaching Skills™ framework, participants acquire tools to;


  • ask powerful questions
  • listen in a new way
  • build trust
  • provide productive feedback

Join over 20,000 participants who have gone through this transformational program.

Click on the title below to learn more.

5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ - Starts January 7

Testimonial: I got so much more from the 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program than expected. I thought it would be more theoretical about the basics of coaching, but we delved right into the depth of the most important skills and used them together in a practical way. I gained so much confidence in a short period of time through role playing and receiving feedback from my peers. This was a very inspiring course that has given me new life skills. – Robin R.

NEW - Build Your Coaching Practice

If you are just starting a coaching practice or ready to see your practice thrive, this course is for you.

During this course participants learn key strategies and practical steps for making it as a coach and setting up, managing and growing a coaching practice. The course goes beyond coaching skills.


  • You will gain an understanding of the business skills needed to start and grow a successful coaching practice
  • You will apply the concepts and begin to build the framework for your practice through group exercises and fieldwork assignments
  • This is a hands on and interactive course that gives participants the opportunity to create the foundation for their practice
  • You will leave with a roadmap for success and a toolkit of resources to support you in Making it as a Coach and Building a Successful Coaching Practice


Advance Your Skills

Personal Groundwork for Coaching™

In this course you will;

  • learn advanced coaching skills to help highlight and explore areas that are often at the source of where a coachee becomes stuck, self-defeating or demotivated


  • learn how to use the accompanying Personal Groundwork for Coaching Assessment™ Workbook, a widely-used tool to help coaches move their clients past daily symptoms and into the deeper source of what is getting in their way and preventing them from reaching their goals.
  • get practical, hands-on experience. Each week you will work (outside of the classroom) with a different learning partner to coach one another around the concepts covered in the class.

Click on the course name to learn more.

Personal Groundwork for Coaching™ - Starts January 28

Testimonial: This program exceeded my expectations! I walked away with a toolbox of coaching strategies and personally made changes and grew in my own life. It was excellent. - Karen R.

Ace the ICF CKA Exam

Personal Groundwork for Coaching™

This course is designed to prepare coaches for the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment exam which must be successfully completed prior to receiving the International Coach Federation (ICF) ACC Credential.



The course covers ICF Core Competencies and Ethics and Standards plus test taking strategies.

Click the link below to learn more.

ICF CKA Prep Class – Starts January 27

Testimonial: I took the CKA test this morning and passed with 87.74% overall. Whew! I want to thank you for the fantastic prep course. I know I had exponentially more confidence (and actual savvy) about taking the exam because of the preparation we did, including the thoughtful and thorough discussions. An investment of time and money that was very well-worth it. - Kay Hagan


Coaching Resources

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