May 2014 Newsletter

How Much Work

Is TOO Much Work?


Do you find yourself saying yes to new projects and social commitments way more often than you intend to? Feeling a little frayed at the edges and wondering when enough is enough? Coaching Out of the Box®‘s own Amy Rupert was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about how to recognize and manage things when work and life get full to the brim and become downright overwhelming – an issue almost all of us have come face to face with at some point. 

So how do you know when to say no, or when to give yourself a break? Read the interview for some great tips on balancing everything that’s on your plate, being kind to yourself, and yes, still getting a whole lot done. (Hint: one of our favourite tips involves taking a nice loooong shower each morning.) Want more? The Wall Street Journal also featured Amy’s tips in a live interview. 

A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Team Member!
Team Talk, By Amy Ruppert

We are so thrilled to welcome newest Coaching Out of the Box® team member, Maria Howell, who will be taking the reins as Executive Assistant.

Maria is a Business Administrator by profession, a fashion designer by heart and a lightning quick learner with over 15 years experience. When she’s not working, Maria is volunteering, reading, designing clothes, getting bendy with yoga and pilates or enjoying the great Canadian outdoors with her husband and three children. Welcome Maria!

 Mark Your Calendar: 

Want to deepen your coaching skills? We’ve got just the ticket. Our Coaching Fundamentals Program™ starts June 18th. This popular program is taught by Master Certified Coach Barbara Richards, who has been a coach educator for over ten years and is the author of Give Your Dream a Plan: 7 Questions to Ignite Extraordinary Results in Your Business. Barbara will bring participants to a deeper understanding of the ICF Core Competencies through experiential learning, practical examples and rich conversations about using coaching in the real world. 

This program will be taught in our virtual Collaborate classroom for ten consecutive weeks on Wednesdays from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM Pacific, beginning June 18th.Click here to learn more. 

We love getting your great feedback. See why this director of a learning and development group was motivated to not only become a Coaching Out of the Box® licensed trainer, but to share it with others on her team and beyond. Click here to view.

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