November 2016 Newsletter


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Let's Keep the Coaching Conversation Going

Last month we tried something new during our free webinar: live coaching demonstrations with real coaches and real coaching situations. While there is always a little uncertainty in trying something new - particularly with a live audience - we knew the concept was on target. And I am both delighted and relieved to say that the response has been fantastic!  In fact, we've received many requests for more.

We are hearing that you want to know:

  • What happens next with the coachees?
  • How do the coaches continue the coaching conversation from where the left off?
  • How do the coaches take the information they learned and use their 5/5/5 Coaching Skills to help move the coachees to the next step?

To answer those questions and continue to harness the power of observation as a learning tool we are bringing to you 5/5/5 Live Coaching Demos: Part 2.

During Part 2 you will have the opportunity to observe:

  • What steps coachees Carol and Leah have taken since their first coaching session
  • How the coaches use their 5/5/5 Coaching Skills to build on the coaching conversations they had during their first coaching session
  • How the coaches use their listening and questioning skills to dive deeper with their coachee
  • How the coaches continue to build trust with their coachees

If you weren't able to join us for October's webinar, don't worry! The learning will be just as powerful for you, and remember that you can view past webinars by clicking here.

Be sure to join us

on November 23rd for Part 2!


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New Courses Starting in the New Year!
We are offering a full line-up of our courses in the New Year.  For a complete schedule, visit our Calendar of Events page.  Note: Several courses are starting in January so you'll want to register before the busyness of the holidays takes over.

View the course details by clicking on the links above and see which one is right for you.  Still not sure?  Get in touch with us!  Click here to contact us or email

The 5/5/5 Live Coaching Demos Webinar: Part 2
What happens next with Carol and Leah?  If you attended October's webinar, you won't want to miss this one!
Join us for this FREE Webinar.
Wednesday, November 23
11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern
If you have any questions about coaching, certification, courses or more, we'd love to hear from you.  Click here to schedule 1:1 time with our Enrolment Coach  or fill out this contact form.  We hope to hear from you!
Coach Resource Corner
We provide a number of resources to support coaches at all levels. On our website you can find blog articles, educational videos, webinar recordings and more under Coaching Resources. We are continually adding to these free resources so make sure to check back often.
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We've created two special groups on LinkedIn to bring like-minded people together. These groups are designed to facilitate dialogue, discussion, insightful and provocative questions and information that supports, educates and contributes to coach-like conversations for everyone.Join our general coaching group or join our healthcare focused group. Come and  join the conversation.





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