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Our ICF Credentialing Assessment Prep Class

Coaching Out of the Box offers  an additional in-depth course to prepare you for the formal ICF Credentialing Exam.

The ICF Credentialling Exam is administered by the ICF. You will be invited by the ICF to take their Credentialing Exam after you apply to the ICF for the ACC Credential.  For more information find the Credentials & Standards section on the ICF website.  https://coachingfederation.org/

We have created a preparation course so you will be ready to ace the ICF administered exam. Our course is a live-online course (zoom) and is called ICF Credentialing Assessment Prep Class (CAP). It runs for six weeks.

How To Access The Credentialling Assessment Prep Class.

  • If you purchased the FAST TRACK Program, you will have been automatically enrolled into the CAP class.
  • If you purchased just this course, the Credentialling Success Course (CSC), check with our program advisor to see if you will be scheduled to take the CAP course or need to make an additional purchase.

The Credentialling Assessment Prep. Class (CAP) presents several scenarios each week that are specifically related to the ICF Core Competencies and the ICF Ethics and Standards and mimic the multiple-choice questions you will be asked to answer in the formal ICF Exam. Learners will choose their answers using our polling device in our virtual classroom and answers will be dissected and discussed in each class.

Written by two of the pioneering coaches who wrote and developed the ICF Core Competencies, this program is designed to significantly boost critical thinking and understanding of the Competencies and Ethics.

Taking this course now vs. later will be valuable to re-familiarize yourself with the eight ICF competencies that you will need to demonstrate in your recording and answer questions about in the formal ICF Exam.

Another way of viewing this class is we teach you to “Think like the ICF” and cover the practical application of the 8 competencies into real coaching scenarios.

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