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It’s extremely gratifying to witness the positive responses of our program participants. Again and again people tell us that their work with us has been transformational. Many have been kind enough to share their enthusiasm for what we do and here we share their stories about how our programs and products have impacted them and their organizations.  

Sean Mohammed, Senior HR Manager for Blue Ocean Contact Centers talks about the impact the Purposeful Conversations Course has had on their Managers

A Conversation with Peter Gosline - Fast Track to ICF Credential Graduate

"I would recommend Coaching Out of the Box®'s Fast Track program to anyone interested in achieving their ICF certification. Each module includes useful instructional material and is delivered by a knowledgeable teacher in a virtual format that integrates the latest online learning tools. The class size is ideal and the instructors are particularly skilled in the online learning format. The evening program is well-suited for busy professionals. Frankly, the Coaching Out of the Box® program was one of the best training investments I ever made."

Fast Track to ICF Credential
— JH, Parkersburg, West Virginia

"Once again, Coaching Out of the Box® surpassed my expectations. The Diversity in Coaching program was thought-provoking, interactive and timely. The facilitator was highly engaging and she drew out the best in each participant, week after week. I've come away from this course with new skills, profound insights, and a thirst to learn even more about this dynamic topic."

Certified Diversity Coach Program
— VM, Prince George, BC

"Excellent! This course was powerful in stretching me as a coach and in giving me practical experience in coaching - which is what I had hoped for. Coaching Out of the Box® is very professional, organized in the delivery, and available if there are questions/concerns. This course exceeded my expectations!"

Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum
— JB, Kansas City, MO

"The Coaching Out of the Box® Fast Track to ICF Credential program is a transformational experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering becoming a coach."

Fast Track to ICF Credential
— SH, Fargo, ND

"It was engaging and fun. I've had the benefit of lots of training over the years at different companies on this subject, and I think this was the best one I've been a part of. I thought it was some of the best training I have ever received."

Purposeful Conversations™
— PG, Halifax, NS

"Our Coach-Facilitator was amazing; it was obvious that he has been working in coaching for a long time, and his passion and experience really made the course enjoyable. He supported all of us as a group and as individuals and made us feel valued and heard. Thank you!"

Purposeful Conversations™ / RM, Dartmouth