Who am I as a facilitator/trainer?

You know the saying, to become a master at something, teach it! Over the years, I’ve taught/facilitated conflict resolution, communication and career transition skills, managing change, even vegetarian cooking.  And now, coaching! As a facilitator, I bring focus, respect, playfulness, encouragement and a solid expertise in coaching and adult learning principles.  I completed Coaching Out of the Box training in June, 2012.

Who are you?

I am guessing you are on this website because you have experienced the power of coaching conversations. You know a coaching approach builds engagement, action and accountability. You’d like the people you work with to experience this on a daily basis. You hope to create a coaching culture within your organization and are looking for someone to deliver coaching training!

Who am I as a Coach?

I completed the Royal Roads University Executive Coach Certification program in July 2012. I have coached corporate, government and not-for-profit executives, entrepreneurs, government employees, and certified coaches.

 Some feedback from coaching clients: You have an ability to connect, and get to the heart of the issue very effectively and with tremendous compassion”.

“You demonstrate respectful commitment, optimistic energy, and curious probing with a spirit of playfulness which sets the tone of trust and comfort...”

My professional background includes:

My personal interests include: kayaking, hiking, biking, singing, dancing, process-oriented psychology, and travel.

Email: lwoutersca@yahoo.ca



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