Happy Holidays from the Team at International Coaching Group Inc.

festive happy holidays photos of the International Coaching Group Team around the Christmas tree

Happy Holidays - join us as we celebrate the 8 Days of Christmas

As the festive season is now upon us, we take this opportunity to honor each member of our dedicated staff through a special series of poems. From mentors to motivators, each individual plays a pivotal role in our collective journey of growth and empowerment. Join us in recognizing their unique contributions, spreading cheer, and embracing the spirit of gratitude during this merry season. Happy holidays to you all!

Pablo Leites - President

In the festive glow, he takes the lead,

Guiding us all, fulfilling every need.

Under his helm, success finds its way,

A symphony of growth, day by day.

In the holiday spirit, his guidance clear,

Enhancing our work, drawing victory near

Mission and vision, a harmonious song,

In the Christmas glow, where a team is strong,

He leads us where we all belong.

Ensuring success in all that we do.

In him we trust, he acknowledges efforts,

A heartfelt “thank you” means so much.

In the symphony of support, where dreams take flight,

Thank you for making our journey bright.

Stefanie Eastcott - Operations Manager

The holiday star, radiant and bright,

A multitask marvel, guiding with might.

In the operations realm, she’s truly supreme,

An intelligent leader, in every festive scheme.


Efficiency’s star in the holiday cheer,

Orchestrating success year after year.

In tech realms, unsurpassed, she’s the last,

A brilliant mind, working so fast.


In the holiday glow, you’re our guide,

A shining star on this festive ride.

Thanks to you, our operations take flight,


She is the star, making everything so right.


Charanjit Hayre - CXO

In the business realm, he commands the stage,

Snowflakes of wisdom, ideas engage.

In his humor, a festive light dances,

Illuminating paths with strategic chances.


With business savvy and a cheerful rhyme,

He is the master, in his prime.

In the holiday glow, his laughter rings,

A blend of wit, where intelligence sings,

In his mastermind, innovation springs.


Success expands with his sharp insight,

Navigating challenges, day and night.

In his domain, where dreams take flight,


Crafting success with visionary might.


Lerae Gidyk - Director of Certification

In the realm of coaching, she takes the lead,

Since ’99, a trailblazer indeed.

A shining star, lighting the way,

Guiding coaches to success each day.


With a pioneer’s heart, a mission so clear,

Fostering growth year after year.

A leader, mentor, with a heart so grand,

Thank you for shaping the coaching land.


A guiding light in the coaching world,


We’re grateful to you, for all you do.


Merv Rogers - Chief Coaching Officer

Like a golden star is our coaching guide,

With passion and humour, by our side.

A Chief Officer, leading with glee,

In the coaching realm, a master, you see.

Facilitating with wit, a comic touch,

In corporate deliveries, he’s liked so much.

Instrumental in courses, rich and grand,

He is a funny maestro, in high demand.


Bringing laughter to every coaching class,

His humour shines like festive glass.

He is, the jester with a coaching flair,


In every program, spreading joy in the air.


Hallie Clancy - Student Support Coordinator

A guiding light with brilliance even in the night,

Advisor extraordinaire, spreading joy with delight.

Organized and brilliant, ideas grand,

A festive spirit, joy across the land.


In the vast role of Student Support, she holds,

From registration to ACC Credential, a tale unfolds.

Unwavering support from the program’s start,

Inquiries met with a caring heart.


Motivated by commitment at her core,

We appreciate you more and more.

Guiding students through their Fast-Track ride,


In your support, they joyfully confide.

Lucy Avina - Operations Assistant

A vital force, where efficiency thrives.

our support, a treasure divine.

Administrative support, her forte so clear,

Invaluable contributions, far and near.


At the helm of peer-to-peer, she takes command,

Harmony flourishes under her skillful hand.

In the realm of creativity, she stands tall,

Proficient in graphics, she can do it all.


Aiding the social and marketing stream,


Her creative touch, like a vibrant dream.


ICG - The International Coaching Group Inc.

So here’s to the coaches, around the globe wide,

In the spirit of coaching learning, side by side.

With Coaching skills that twinkle, like stars so bright,

Guiding toward goals, on the coaching night.


A mission embraced, like a warm embrace,

Empowering minds, in every coaching space.

A great team, together we are strong,

Harmony in unity, a melodious song.


The ICF joins the journey, a partnership grand,

With ACC leading, like a wise command.

In this festive season, dreams expand,

Leadership, inclusion and diversity, a gift so grand.


So here’s to the mission, the vision so clear,

A future of growth, drawing near.

With a great team by our side,

May your goals be achieved, on this coaching ride.


Happy holidays to ICG, our coaching pride!


As the “8 Days of Christmas” come to a close, we extend our deepest gratitude to the incredible individuals who make up the fabric of International Coaching Group.

As we celebrate this season of joy and togetherness, let us carry forward the spirit of appreciation and recognition not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.

Happy holidays & thank you for being a part of our journey, and may the warmth and joy of the season continue to light your path ahead.

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